PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer Out of Stock Again? Check Out These Phone Sanitizers Instead

mophie UV Phone Sanitizer
Courtesy of ZAGG

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Never more than now has the world as a whole paid more attention to what we’re touching throughout the day. From handrails on staircases to subway poles to numerous avocados in the grocery store, the number of things our hands come in contact with in a sole 24 hours is terrifyingly disgusting. Especially now, given the fact that we can never be so sure how close in proximity we are in contact with germs from COVID-19.

Although most have been pretty conscious about how frequently we touch our faces with our filthy, germ-covered hands, we’re constantly forgetting about how frequently we go about touching one thing: our phones.

It’s second nature at this point to grab our phones without hesitation. Need to send a quick text on the train? You pull your phone out. Checking that grocery list you wrote on your Notes app? You pull your phone out. Calling your roommate to let them know there is in fact no more White Claws at the deli and checking if they’re cool with having Trulys instead? You pull your phone out.

With that all being said, your phone is absolutely covered in the various germs you encounter throughout the day and it’s absolutely revolting, to say the least. While sanitizing wipes for surfaces work pretty well to rid of any germs, the wetness provided by the wipe could eventually damage your phone for good.

Thankfully, there’s some good news! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about those nifty phone sanitization machines sold at places like Amazon and Uncommon Goods. Specifically, we’re talking about PhoneSoap. But, the issue with the UV germ-killing machine is that no matter where you’re looking, it’s always either completely sold out or on backorder for months.

Invisible Shield UV Sanitizer

Invisible Shield UV Sanitizer Courtesy of ZAGG

If you’re looking for a phone sanitizing option that’s more in stock than it ever is out, look no further than both the Invisible Shield UV Sanitizer and the mophie UV Sanitizer.

To start off, the Invisible Shield UV Sanitizer is a super-compact sanitizing option that doesn’t use any heat or liquid. By putting your phone in the machine and pressing start, the sanitizer works to clean your entire phone and kills 99.99% of germs in just minutes with UV rays. It sanitizes more than just phones too, so feel free to throw in your credit cards, remote control, house keys and other non-porous items to give them the clean they need.

Mophie UV Sanitizer

mophie UV Sanitizer Courtesy of ZAGG

The mophie UV Sanitizer is essentially the same as Invisible Shield’s. It doesn’t use any heat or liquid, it kills 99.99% of germs, and it’s also able to clean other non-porous items that aren’t just that smartphone of yours. It kills germs in just five minutes total and is also quite compact, so it’s ready to take on the go. The only difference? The mophie sanitizer has the ability to wirelessly charge any Qi-enabled device with its lid. Therefore, while sanitizing one item inside of the chamber, you can charge another device by laying it directly on top of the lid. Isn’t that neat as hell?

You can find both phone sanitizers right now on ZAGG, with the Invisible Shield UV Sanitizer going for $59.99 and the mophie UV Sanitizer for $79.95. Considering one has the ability to charge devices, there’s obviously going to be a difference in pricing. Whichever you decide to pick, the buy is well worth it.


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