These Sofa Slipcovers Can Protect Your Couch from Kids, Pets & More

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You bring home your brand new sofa and what’s the first thing that happens? The “new sofa rules” commence. No eating, drinking, playing or breathing too hard on the new, expensive piece of furniture  — please! And while the sentiment and aims are admirable, the reality of maintaining such rules is often difficult, especially in households where children and pets exist. And since this is not an entirely realistic strategy long term, so it’s best to find a high-quality sofa slipcover for it.

Your couch may not be the most expensive couch in the world, but you probably want it to stay as nice as possible for as long as possible. The easiest way to ensure your couch stays clean is to get a sofa slipcover.

Timothy Beck Werth
1 year
We've added a sectional slip cover to the piece! In general, you can find good options for...
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Looking for a slip cover for a sectional (u shaped) that has an attached back with two...

The best sofa slipcovers aren’t the bulky, sheet-like slipcovers of yesteryear. Advances have certainly been made, and today’s slipcovers are capable of hugging your couch so that you’re the only one that knows there’s an extra layer between your butt and the cushions. Slipcovers today are made of soft, flexible, comfortable material and come in a variety of colors and patterns. Some are stain-resistant, some come in darker colors that won’t show dirt as easily as bold, bright patterns, and they’re all easy to throw in the washing machine in the case of a spill. 

Timothy Beck Werth
1 year
We’ve added a sectional slip cover to the piece! In general, you can find good options for…
Jackie Maher
2 years
Looking for a slip cover for a sectional (u shaped) that has an attached back with two…

Before you buy a slipcover, there are three things you’ll need to consider…

Find the Right Fit

You’ll first need to think about how you want your cover to fit over your existing sofa. This will vastly depend on the shape of your sofa. Some covers drape over the sofa, while others hug the sofa’s curves using ties or elastic bands. For those that hug your sofa, there are two additional choices. You can have a slipcover that comes in one piece and wraps around every part of your sofa. Alternatively, you can buy a two-piece slipcover and cover the frame in one piece and the cushions in another piece.


Once you’ve determined which type of fit is best for your couch, it’s time to take the measurements. You’ll need to measure from the floor to the bottom of the sofa, from the bottom of the sofa to the top of the sofa and from the outside of one arm to the outside of the other arm. The last measurement will tell you whether you need to buy a sofa slipcover, a loveseat slipcover or a chair slipcover. These are the widths associated with each of those types:

  • Sofa: 74 to 96 inches
  • Loveseat: 58 to 73 inches
  • Chair: 32 to 40 inches


Slipcovers are available in a wide variety of materials. Some are more comfortable than others, but you’ll really need to decide which material you need based on functionality. If you’re looking to protect your sofa from pets, kids and stains, try to look for a material that’s water- and stain-resistant and comes in darker colors. For a more comfortable sitting experience, a cotton blend is best. Alternatively, wool, linen and silk offer an elegant look. Finally, if keeping the slipcover tight against your couch without any visible wrinkles is important to you, a spandex and polyester blend is probably the right choice for you.

Ready to start protecting your sofa? Here are the best sofa slipcovers to keep your couch clean and protect it from kids, pets and more.


1. PureFit Stretch Sofa Slipcover


For a sofa slipcover that won’t slip off, consider the PureFit Stretch Sofa Slipcover. This stretchy cover is made from a polyester-spandex jacquard fabric that boasts small, attractive checks. It can stretch over most three-seat sofas from 66 inches to 90 inches across, and it’s held in place with PureFit’s innovative non-slip foam anchors. One of the best things about this sofa is how easily it can be put on. It simply slips over the top of the couch and then gets tucked in. There’s no complicated tying or folding. Plus, it’s available in 11 colors and two different sizes.

purefit sofa slipcover, sofa slipcoversCourtesy of Amazon


2. Homonic Solid Armless Sofa Bed Cover


Futons simply aren’t attractive, but sometimes they are necessary. If you need to have a folding sofa bed in your home, be sure to cover it with a Homonic Solid Armless Sofa Bed Cover when the bed isn’t in use. The soft, elastic cover boasts a 360-degree stretch to make putting the cover on the couch a breeze. And, by covering the mattress or seat part of a futon, you protect it from mites, spills and stains, which will make it more attractive to any guests that need to sleep on it in the future. This slipcover is available in three, neutral colors to ensures it matches your existing decor.

homonic solid colour sofa slipcover, sofa slipcoverCourtesy of Amazon


3. Winston Porter Sectional Sofa Slipcover


Owners of sectional sofas know how difficult it can be to find slipcovers for such seating arrangements. This Winston Porter design has an ultra-textured grid design for a clean, neutral foundation you can dress up with surrounding decor. The fabric is available in a huge array of colors, and is built to attach around and behind furniture legs for a comprehensive fit. The slipcover is shaped to fit a sectional with all corners, angles and shapes accounted for, and it’s super easy to take on and off for cleaning.

Winston Porter sectional slipcover, sofa slipcoversCourtesy of Wayfair


4. MAXIJIN Super Stretch Universal Couch Cover


This sofa slipcover from MAXIJIN is made of a mix of polyester and spandex for a durable, elastic fit that’s super stretchy and made to fit around most couches. It’s designed to cover box cushion couches, high backs, leather couches and even super large t-cushion couches. It’s adorned with three-dimensional checks for a modern, elegant feel and is designed for full, protective coverage. It’s also machine washable.

MAXIJIN sofa slipcoverCourtesy of Amazon


5. Alcott Hill Box Cushion Sofa Slipcover


With its super soft and stain-resistant fabric, the Alcott Hill Box Cushion Sofa Slipcover offers a comfortable and effective way to keep your couch clean and looking new. It’s available to fit a range of sofa types and sizes and is a handy way for families to protect the couch from unforeseen accidents. The cover includes a built-in elastic band which helps to keep the cover in place, while the attractive design makes even the oldest of couches look years younger. In addition, matching pillowcases are available for purchase separately, but we recommend adding a few throw pillows to set off the darker pattern of this cover.

best sofa slipcovers alcott hillImage courtesy of Wayfair


6. Fancy Linen 3-Piece Set


If you have a complete set of living room furniture and not just a couch, you likely would like them to match. So, if you cover the couch with a slipcover, you will need similar slipcovers for your other furniture. That’s why it may be a good idea to buy a slipcover set, like the Fancy Linen 3-Piece Set. This set includes a cover for a three-seat couch, a cover for a loveseat and a cover for a one-seat chair. Each of the slipcovers is made from polyester spandex in order to ensure a snug fit across many different styles of furniture. Plus, this set is available in 6 different colors, and the covers are machine washable. 

Fancy Collection 3-piece slipcover set, sofa slipcoversCourtesy of Amazon


7. Easy-Going Stretch Sofa Slipcover


With just shy of 2,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, the Easy-Going Stretch Sofa Slipcover Furniture Protector is a well-reviewed and popular answer to keeping your sofa clean and safe. In addition to being available in a range of sizes (from a chair to an oversized sofa), these covers come in over 20 different colors. That means there’s likely one to match your interiors. Plus, the spandex-polyester mix ensures the stretchy fabric sits close to your sofa, while the anti-slip foam keeps your cover in place when it’s in use.

sofa slipcovers easy goingImage courtesy of Amazon


8. PetbitatStudio Custom Made Slipcover


The worry with buying a slipcover is that it won’t fit your couch properly. Get one that’s too big, and you’ll end up with gaps and loose fabric. Get one that’s too small, and it will look like it’s bursting at the seams. The only real way to prevent these issues is to buy a slipcover that’s custom made for your couch, like this one from Etsy. It comes with three cushion covers, three back cushion covers, a frame cover and either a matching pet mat or a matching armrest organizer. It will be made to the exact dimensions of your couch in your choice of fabric and color. And while it might be more expensive than the average slipcover, this custom made option is like redesigning your existing couch, costing you far less than buying a new piece of furniture.

sofa slipcovers petbitatImage courtesy of Etsy


9. Ebern Designs L-Shaped Sofa Slipcover


This sectional slipcover is perfect for L-shaped couches and comes in two parts so your whole couch gets even coverage and protection. There’s one part for the chaise and one part for the main sofa, both made of stretchy, high-quality material that’s breathable and water-resistant. The slipcover has built-in elastic corners that ensure a great fit, and in addition to shielding your couch from accidental spills it also helps with fading, wear and tear. The sectional slipcover also has a textured pattern with raised dots for a modern design element, in addition to the coverage.

Ebern designs L-shaped sofa slipcover, sectional slipcoversCourtesy of Wayfair


10. Subrtex Stretch Armrest Covers


Sometimes you don’t need to cover the whole couch to make it look better. Whether the armrests on your living room seating arrangement have been chewed on by the dog or worn down over time, these armrest slipcovers will be a major improvement. They’re made from a lightweight yet durable linen fabric and come in six neutral colors for matching a variety of couch fabrics. They’re soft, textured and add an extra layer of protection between wet glasses, dinner plates and greasy hands and your couch’s armrests.

armrest covers, sofa slipcoversCourtesy of Amazon


11. Kitty Cat Protector Plastic Couch Cover


If your cat relentlessly takes out its frustrations on your couch corners, it might be time to give your furniture a little bit of protection. By covering your sofa with the Kitty Cat Protector Plastic Couch Cover, you’ll have a thick and durable cover between your cat and the delicate couch material. In addition to protecting your couch from unwanted shredding, the cover also helps deter your cat from sitting on your couch as the species generally dislikes plastic surfaces. Plus, this cover is also waterproof, making it easy to wipe clean and brush clear of dirt and hair.

Kitty Cat Protector Plastic Couch CoverImage courtesy of Amazon


12. Unbrand L-Shape Sectional Sofa Cover


This sectional slipcover from Unbrand is designed for use with an L-shaped couch with two distinct parts that can separate. It’s made of elastic polyester that’s built to stretch and maintain its strength and shape. The set comes with two different sectional slipcover pieces — one for the main couch and the other for the wing of the L. It also comes with two pillow covers so your entire living room seating situation can match.

Unbrand sofa slipcover, sectional slipcoverCourtesy of Walmart


13. H.VERSAILTEX Stretching Furniture Cover


With nine different colors and a range of different sizes to choose from, there’s definitely an H.VERSAILTEX Stretching Skid Resistance Furniture Cover for you. The elasticated cord on the bottom of the cover makes it easy to fit the thing over the whole couch, while the high-spandex lycra and jacquard knitted material provide a comfortable and taught surface for sitting. The cover also comes with foam inserts for quick and precise fitting. Plus, it’s machine washable, so cleaning and general maintenance are effortless.

H versailtex sofa slipcoverCourtesy of Amazon


14. Mercer41 Stretch Velvet Sofa Slipcover


Do you want a classy way to protect your couch from spills, stains and tears? Then this velvet stretch slipcover from Mercer41 is a great durable and decorative option. You can upgrade your design while protecting your furniture from spills and stains from pets, children and accidents of all kinds. The slipcover is made of soft, plush velvet fabric, and is still machine washable for easy cleaning. 

stretch velvet sofa slipcoverCourtesy of Wayfair


15. Unbrand Geometric Red Sectional Slipcover


This sectional slipcover comes in a bold, red color that’s complemented by and balanced out by a precise geometric pattern. The package comes with two separate slipcovers — one made for the main couch part and the other for the L, as is standard with sectional slipcovers. The slipcover is made of high-strength elastic polyester that makes it super easy to put on and take off. Slipcovers from Unbrand are designed to be anti-mite and keep your sofa clean.

red geometric sofa slipcover, sectional slipcoversCourtesy of Walmart


16. Wade Logan Manoel Textured Sofa Slipcover


If you’re looking for some neutral and non-descript that you can throw over your couch that’ll blend in with surrounding decor, this option from Wade Logan is perfect. It’s pet-friendly and designed to fit your standard box cushion design. The set comes with seven different pieces including individual cushion and backrest covers, and it has a subtle, geometric raised design that’s decorative and comfortable. It tucks easily and is simple to remove when it needs a wash, it’s also pet and child-friendly.

Manoel Elastic sofa slipcoverCourtesy of Wayfair


17. hyha Printed Couch Cover


This couch slipcover from hyha has a bright, beautiful print and is made of flexible spandex fabric. The cover comes with a base cover for the sofa itself as well as three cushion covers so you can cover each piece of your couch individually. The slipcover is made one-size-fits-most, but make sure you measure before ordering so you know what you’re getting. The individual covers for cushions is a convenient feature because if you get a stain on one, you only have a smaller cover to wash rather than the whole cover. It’s easy to put on, and the bright floral pattern will liven up any living room, guest room or den. 

hyha slipcover, sofa slipcoversCourtesy of Amazon


18. nordmiex Couch Cover


If you’re looking to stay relatively neutral but brighten up your decor a bit, this trendy pattern is perfect. This four seasons, universal sofa slipcover shields your furniture and adds some dynamic texture to your room at the same time. This same pattern comes in a variety of colors, including black,dark blue, green and pink, and is soft and wrinkle-resistant as well. It’s made high-stretch for fitting around every bit and bulge of your couch, and the firm stitching will last through years of sits. 

nordmiex couch cover, sofa slipcoversCourtesy of Amazon


19. Alcott Hill Box Cushion Sofa Slipcover


A box-cushion slipcover differs from a traditional slipcover in that it’s designed to specifically fit box-shaped cushions with straight, rather than curved, backs. This sofa slipcover is form-fitting and comes in one piece with elastic edges, easy for tucking and fitting to your individual couch. It’s easy to take on and off, since it’s all one piece of fabric, and is a must-have protective covering for homes with pets, children and for extending the life of your furniture.

box cushion sofa slipcoverCourtesy of Wayfair


20. Ultimate Decor Reclining Love Seat Slipcover


Sofas that recline present a unique problem for slipcover manufacturers. In general, slipcovers are not built to allow for a footrest or a movable backrest. ULTICOR took on this issue by designing this reclining love seat slipcover that comes with six different pieces for fitting over each individual part of the sofa. It’s made of stretchy velvet that’s comfortable to the touch and has elastic bands for ensuring the whole thing stays in place despite movement back and forth. It also comes with a utility pocket for holding

Ultimate Decor sofa slipcoverCourtesy of Amazon


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