SPY Guide: How to Clean Your Watches Without Damaging Them

ultrasonic watch jewelry cleaner
ultrasonic jewelry cleaning

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* Keep your watch faces and watch bands sparkling clean
* The most convenient ways to clean jewelry, rings and watches
* Restore shine and remove tarnish

Here’s how you can keep your watches clean and their faces free of smudging, without messing up the glass of the display or the tiny mechanisms that keep them ticking. Not just for traditional metal and gears watches, some of these tricks can help you clean and even restore the timeworn glory to your vintage, futuristic Casio calculator watch, or an old plastic novelty watch so it can keep its time-machine charm. From the very traditional treated cloth jeweler’s wipes to space age digitally controlled ultrasonic cleaning boxes, here are the easiest ways to make the true luster of your wristwatch shine once again.

1. Silver Wipes

Like face wipes, except for sterling silver rather than your face, these are specially formulated to remove tarnish and dirt from silver, brass, bronze and aluminum.

silver wipes Courtesy Amazon

2. Ultrasonic Cleaner Kit

This gentle, effective ultrasonic cleaner lets you deep clean your jewelry and any waterproof watches, without taking them apart or risking damage.

ultrasonic cleaner kit Courtesy Amazon

3. Ultrasonic Digital Cleaner

A convenient, push-button ultrasonic cleaner with a digital “smart” shut off feature, this handsome box makes it easier than ever to keep your jewelry, watchbands and waterproof watches as clean as the day they were made.

digital smart ultrasonic cleaner Courtesy Amazon

4. Cape Cod Polishing Cloths

These jeweler-quality polishing cloths help you wipe down metal and make stainless steel live up to its name.

cape cod jewelry polish Courtesy Amazon

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