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I Thought Suede Shoes Were Impossible to Maintain – This $7 Brush Changed My Mind

* 4-in-1 suede and leather brush
* Gently cleans without damaging the texture
* Rounded bristles for heel and toe cleaning

Suede. It’s a fine-looking material renowned for its velvety softness and rich visual texture, long a favorite choice for exclusive high priced shoes, front seat side bolsters in high end sports cars, and of course jackets worn by smooth-talking ‘70s lounge singers. It’s also famously difficult to clean. There have even been rock and roll songs about the difficulty of cleaning suede, like the Carl Perkins tune “Blue Suede Shoes,” which became one of Elvis’ big hits. The original “blue suede shoes,” apparently belonged to black American airman “C. V. White,” who had served in Germany alongside Johnny Cash. Legend has it that then while trying to come up with a song about blue suede shoes, Perkins noticed a boy at one of his shows snap at his date not to step on his “suedes,” and from the observation of how strange it was that the boy seemed to care more for the suede than the lady at his side, the song was born.

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In song, as in life, suede seems like one of the hardest materials to keep clean. But for all you suede shoe lovers, and anyone fortunate or unfortunate enough (depending on whether you have to pay the repair bills) to own one of those German sports sedans, this four-in-one suede brush makes it shockingly easy to keep your suede, blue shoes or otherwise, looking fresh and clean. Use the half-circle side to clean around toe caps and heels, and the use the fine nylon bristles, along with your favorite suede and nubuck cleaning spray, to gently remove scuffs and stains. This $7 suede cleaning brush even has a precision head for cleaning crevasses.

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