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I Tried the TikTok Famous “The Pink Stuff” Cleaner To Find Out If It Works

I love to clean. It’s a calming, satisfying practice that’s always worthwhile to me, no matter how big or small the mess. Bathrooms are my specialty. There’s nothing like removing grout stains from your tile, scrubbing your shower head free of hard water stains, and giving the back of your toilet a good wipe done. That last one just me? Alright.

That’s why when I found out about this supposed “miracle” cleaner on TikTok, I knew I had to try it. It’s called The Pink Stuff, and it’s a controversial topic on the social media platform. Some are touting it as the only cleaner you’ll ever need in your household, others says it doesn’t live up to the hype. I decided to put it to the test.

The Pink Stuff Miracle All-Purpose Cleaning Paste

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The Pink Stuff: TikTok’s Viral Cleaner

The Pink Stuff popped up in late 2021 on TikTok has a miracle cleaning paste, capable of removing stains from sneakers, scrubbing pesky stains from sinks and refreshing stovetops and oven doors alike. Its ingredients are all-natural and vegan, and its fun, pink color made it distinct in a world of colorless sprays and white foams.


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The Pink Stuff Review First Impressions

I was sent The Miracle Scrubber Kit for my The Pink Stuff review. Note: this kit is currently sold out, but you can purchase the paste and use it with your own brush for a similar result.

It comes with two packs of the stain-removing paste, as well as a brush with interchangeable heads. I found myself using the scrubbing brush a little, on smaller surfaces like my guest room sink and in nooks and crannies. Overall, though, I used a sponge and scrubbing brush with The Pink Stuff so I could cover more surface area.

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The Pink Stuff is thick, sort of like a clay, and comes in a jar filled to the brim, so you kind of have to scoop it out with whatever tool you’re using to scrub it with. It has a nice smooth texture that isn’t too rough or abrasive, and the smell is delicious.


One of my favorite parts of using The Pink Stuff, in comparison to other cleaners, is that it smells floral and fruity as opposed to bleachy and chemical-y. I don’t feel like I’m breathing in toxic fumes when I use it, which is always a plus.


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The Pink Stuff Review: Cleaning My Bathroom

When conducting my The Pink Stuff review I decided to clean multiple types of surfaces — my ceramic induction kitchen cooktop, my stainless steel bathroom sink and my guest room’s porcelain sink with stainless steel fixtures.

I scrubbed The Pink Stuff on with a sponge, using the included scrubber brush to dig into smaller surfaces like the sinkhole and faucet handles, and let the cleaner sit for about 10 minutes or so.

One great thing about The Pink Stuff is it has a thicker texture than your average cleaner spray, so it stays on the surface and works on the stains, rather than sliding right off or requiring a sponge or brush to work. When you’re using it on a surface that isn’t flat, like a sink or bathtub, it stays in place and cleans up until and while you’re scrubbing it off.

That being said, The Pink Stuff takes more time to rinse off than other cleaners, because it foams when it comes into contact with water and becomes sudsy. It also drips down into little crevices, and becomes difficult to get out. Definitely not a dealbreaker, but something to keep in mind if you prefer the one-wipe swipe cleaning method.

I also tried to use The Pink Stuff to remove stubborn grout stains and was unsuccessful. Other reviews have gotten the same result. My stains have been there for months, so I don’t knock this cleaner for not being able to remove the impossible, but still, I find it worth noting. It’s definitely a solid cleaner with pros above other methods, but it has limits.


The Pink Stuff: Cleaning My Kitchen and Guest Bathroom

The Pink Stuff is probably the only cleaning method I’ll use for cleaning my kitchen sink from now on. It works well, stays on better than other liquid-based cleaners and rinses off super easily. It makes stainless steel SHINE bright, as is evidenced by the before and after of my guest room sink below.

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My guest room sink before cleaning The Pink Stuff. Taylor Galla | SPY
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My guest bathroom sink after cleaning with The Pink Stuff Taylor Galla | SPY

I also used The Pink Stuff to scrub my stovetop and loved the results. It removed stains, left it shiny and didn’t make me nervous about us ingesting bleach after the next time we cook on it. Did it clean my stove top just as well as other cleaners have in the past? Sure, but it has a fun pink color and a nice smell to it.


The Pink Stuff: Does It Work?

Yes, The Pink Stuff cleaner absolutely works. Is it a miracle cleaner that can remove any stain? No, but that’s unrealistic in the first place. It’s like a pink clay you can rub onto any surface and it’ll come away cleaner and shinier. It sticks to surfaces really nicely, which makes cleaning every inch easier, and while it may take more effort to rinse off, you’re surface is cleaner once you get there.

Another huge pro of using The Pink Stuff? It’s super affordable. $10.00 gets you a 16 ounce tub of it, which will last you months, maybe even years depending on how much you clean. This comes out to about $0.57 per ounce, just a few cents more than the top-rated chemical cleaners.


  • Effective cleaner with adhesive texture
  • Pink color
  • Floral smell that isn’t clinical or filled with chemicals
  • Easy to apply to a wide range of surfaces
  • Works on porcelain, stainless steel
  • Very affordable price tag


  • Takes longer to rinse off due to thick texture

The Pink Stuff Miracle Cleaner

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