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This TikTok Famous $17 Pet Brush Can Save You from Shedding Season

If you’re hot, they’re hot, and this summer heat wave isn’t just affecting humans. Our animal friends are also struggling in the heat, so the annual summer shedding season might seem particularly intense this year. So for anyone drowning in pet hair this July, we’ve got a one-two punch solution.

First up, we recommend investing in this TikTok-famous “miracle” pet brush, which can remove a shocking amount of pet hair from your dogs and cats.

Check it out for yourself in this popular TikTok review:


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The Pawradise Deshedding Dog Brush

This double-sided pet brush can be used on dogs and cats, and it’s designed to remove all types of hair. Quickly de-shed your dog’s top and undercoats, plus get rid of matted hair and clumps. Your dog will feel so much better in the heat, and there’s something so satisfying about seeing the giant pile of hair you just removed from your pup.

The Pawradise Deshedding Dog Brush isn’t just popular on TikTok. It’s also an “Amazon’s Choice” product, a status given to Amazon’s highest-rated and most popular products. This $17 pet brush is available now via Amazon Prime.

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ChomChom Pet Hair Remover Brush

We promised you a one-two punch solution for pet hair, and next up, we’ve got an ingenious tool that can help remove all the hair that’s already fallen off your pet and accumulated on rugs, carpets, furniture and other surfaces. Lint rollers can only capture so much, and the adhesive can be bad for some types of surfaces. However, the

The ChomChom Pet Hair Remover Brush is also an Amazon’s Choice product, and this brush has collected more than 115,000 ratings and reviews from Amazon shoppers, which makes it one of the top pet products on the site. This is an adhesive-free and reusable lint roller that can work on all types of surfaces. Instead of a cheap adhesive-based lint roller, this tool can be used over and over again, and reviewers swear that it removes pet hair better than any tool they’ve tried yet.

The brand’s marketing is a bit loud, but in a way that we think pet owners will appreciate:

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