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Find Your Inner Andy Warhol With These Acrylic Paints

From creating masterpieces on a canvas, like Andy Warhol, to getting creative with woodworking and ceramics, like Martha Stewart, acrylic paints are a thick and creamy paint option that can bring your artistic creations to life on several surfaces.

We love using acrylic paint for traditional paintings on stretched canvases, with acrylic paints’ dense makeup lending itself to pictures with rich and vibrant colors. An excellent option for beginner painters, acrylic paint is more forgiving than other paints, like watercolor, and allows the painter to easily blend colors to achieve their desired vision.

Acrylic paints are also ideal for use on a variety of surfaces, including wood, ceramics, Styrofoam, rocks, plastic, tile and more. A must-have for arts and craft fanatics and DIY enthusiasts, acrylic paint is durable and robust, perfect for a variety of projects. If you’re looking to add some color around your home or touch up areas that are cracked, scuffed, or looking dated, acrylic paint is perfect for walls and furniture. Although acrylic paint starts out as water-soluble, it becomes water-resistant when it’s dry, making it the ideal medium for use on everyday items that need a durable finish, including mugs, pots, handrails and more.

If you’re feeling inspired and are reading to put brush to canvas, these three acrylic paint sets are a great place to start your artistic journey.

1. ARTEZA Acrylic Paint

Packed with 60 artist-quality colors in easy to use squeeze tubes, the ARTEZA Acrylic Paint set is a non-toxic collection that is a great fit for beginners or seasoned artists.

Pros: The ARTEZA comes with every color you could want in its expansive 60-tube set, which is packaged in a sturdy box that doubles as storage for the paint when not in use. The quick-drying paint is ACMI-certified safe, making it a safe option for kids and teens and for use at home or in schools. The vivid colors, which are perfect for use on canvases, won’t fade over time.

Cons: The tubes are small and some customers had issues with the lids breaking off or not sealing correctly.

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2. Monarch Creations Acrylic Paint Set

Odorless and non-toxic, the Monarch Creations Acrylic Paint Set is ideal for arts and crafts, working well for paintable surfaces like wood, glass, ceramics, decorative wallpaper, stretched canvases and more.

Pros: The Monarch Creations comes with 24 vibrant colors that are adept at mixing and blending together with a creamy consistency. Safe for use around children thanks to its non-toxic ingredients and odorless finish, the Monarch Creation paint is excellent for beginners and can be used on a wide array of surfaces, making this kit perfect for schools and homes. We also like that the kit comes with three paintbrushes, the only set on our list to do so.

Cons: Some customers found that the paint was not as thick as they hoped it would be and required multiple coats. Like the ARTEZA, the tubes are also quite small.

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3. Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint Set

Designed for crafting and DIY projects, the Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint Set comes with 18 two-ounce tubes that will help bring out your creative side.

Pros: Unlike the ARTEZA, which are designed for use on traditional paper and fabric canvases, the Apple Barrel are better suited for arts and crafts projects and can be used on wood, ceramic, rocks, Styrofoam, terra cotta, tin and more. The Apple Barrel paint is non-toxic, water-based and has a quick-drying, durable finish that makes it ideal for DIY projects.

Cons: Unlike the first two options, the Apple Barrel doesn’t come with a storage container. Some customers found the paint to be watery and many noted that some of the tubes had broken open during shipping.

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