Alphabet Stencils to Perfect Your Lettering Projects

alphabet stencils

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While everyone would like to have flawless handwriting, only some people are blessed. However, you don’t need greeting card-worthy calligraphy abilities to work on DIY projects. Simple alphabet stencils are a great crafting solution, helping to create stunning signs, stationery and banners with little effort.

Alphabet stencils may be a classroom staple, but they have plenty of home DIY applications as well. You can use small stencils with pencils, markers and pens to create precise lettering on your crafts. And there are larger stencils available for spray paint.

You can purchase stencils with simple writing and others with a more decorative style. If you’re big into DIY projects, you might consider keeping multiple types of stencils on hand. The more you have, the more you can create.

To get you started on your summer DIY projects, here are some of the best alphabet stencils for all types of crafting.


1. NABLUE Plastic Alphabet Stencils

These alphabet stencils are made of non-toxic PET plastic and measure 10.3 x 6.9 inches. You’ll receive eight stencils with your order, each with a different lettering style. All of the letters are less than one inch tall. The smaller size of the stencils is ideal for use with pencils, thin markers, paint and pens. This product is lightweight and durable, and the edges are smooth.

Pros: The stencil sheets are durable and flexible, so kids can use them safely. You can reuse the sheets multiple times.

Cons: The plastic may feel flimsy, so you’ll need to be gentle when tracing. The letters may be too large to use in small journals or cards.

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2. Mr. Pen Alphabet Stencils

This set of alphabet stencils includes five sturdy sheets, all featuring characters in different sizes. Each sheet is a vibrant color. The PET stencils have raised ribs to prevent slips and smudges, making them a great option for kids. Keep in mind that the letters are narrow, so it’s best to use standard or colored pencils. The sheets are also one solid piece, and you won’t be able to separate the letters.

Pros: The set includes a variety of letter sizes, so you can use them for a variety of projects. The sturdy sheets won’t break easily.

Cons: You won’t be able to use paint with these stencils. The smallest set of letters may be tricky to trace.

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3. DURO Oil Board Stencil Set

If you’re painting a sign or T-shirt, these large letter stencils will get the job done. You can purchase this stencil set in one through nine-inch sizes. Each letter is separate, so you can easily plan out your projects. The stencils are made of oil board, which is sturdy enough to reuse. This set includes capital letters, numbers zero through nine and symbols.

Pros: There isn’t excess space around the letters, so you can line them up to make a word. You can purchase sets in a wide range of sizes.

Cons: These stencils may have a strong chemical smell initially. The stencils might not all be the same size. The oil board isn’t as sturdy as plastic.

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4. Westcott Letter Stenciling Guides

This set of alphabet stencils includes letters in four sizes, ranging from one-eighth to one-fourth of an inch. The smaller two stencils include both lowercase and uppercase letters, while the large two only include uppercase. All include numbers zero through nine, while only three include symbols. Each stencil sheet has raised ribs to prevent smudging. Sharp pencils and fine-tip markers work best with these products.

Pros: The stencils make it easy to write clean letters. The plastic is sturdy enough for kids to use.

Cons: The smallest stencil might be too small for most crafts. You won’t be able to cut out the individual letters.

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5. Acme Alphabet Stencils

If you’re painting a sign, these Angelina script alphabet stencils are a great option. Each stencil includes two letters and symbols, and the package will include 100 stencils. You can purchase this set with four or six-inch letters. The stencils are made of durable plastic, so you can reuse them for all of your indoor and outdoor projects.

Pros: The font is a fun alternative to typical serif alphabet stencils. The stencils are wide enough to use with paint, chalk and markers.

Cons: The letter sizes might not be consistent. The stencil pack only includes uppercase letters.

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