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Fetch the Bolt Cutters — Metal, Chains, Rods and Rivets Don’t Stand a Chance Against These Bolt Cutters

Bolt cutters are a must-have item when working security and on construction sites, but they also provide many valuable benefits for small business owners, property owners, crafters, and those who like to take on DIY repair jobs both inside and outside their of homes.

When disposing of items around the home, including shelving units, hangers, old furniture with springs, and more, bolt cutters can help to break down larger pieces to make them small enough to fit into garbage bins. Bolt cutters also help to declutter the outside of your home, cutting chicken wiring used in gardens and old metal fences that are being replaced. Clearing out old metal items in a toolshed, cleaning out an attic with exposed nails and screws, using wires in art and crafts projects, and trimming shelving units to make them fit in closets are all jobs for bolt cutters too.

Small business owners and property managers who have retail spaces or homes often need bolt cutters when items have been illegally chained to their doors, garages, fences and more, with bolt cutters making it easy to remove items that should not be attached with locks and chains to your property. That being said, bolt cutters should always be used within the confines of the law and never used on locks that aren’t your property.

While most people associate bolt cutters with large, two-handed tools, you can also find compact options that fit in your pocket. These can be used for smaller things like nails, chain link fences, and of course, bolts.

If you’ve got a project that requires bolt cutters to take on a variety of materials, we’ve got three great options that turn tough jobs into easy work.

1. TEKTON 8-Inch Mini Bolt and Wire Cutter

Cut bolts, chains, and heavy gauge wire with the lightweight and compact TEKTON 8-Inch Mini Bolt and Wire Cutter. The TEKTON requires minimal pressure thanks to a compound hinge, which make it easy to cut through tough materials. That means it can be used to take on tough materials like small bolts, chains, threaded rods and heavy gauge wire.

Pros: The steel handles are twist-resistant and covered in a soft rubber grip that make them comfortable and slip-resistant.

Cons: Ideal for small jobs around the home and for crafts, the TEKTON won’t cut locks or larger materials.

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2. Neiko Heavy Duty Bolt Cutter

Stronger than chrome vanadium steel bolt cutters, the premium steel Neiko Heavy Duty Bolt Cutters can cut through robust chains and metals. Designed for light professional use, including security and construction, the Neiko features steel jaws with high-frequency heat-treated blades that won’t dent or rust after repeated use. The Neiko cutters are designed with a lever-fulcrum that makes it possible to cut with minimal leverage, including padlocks, threaded rods, chains, wires and more.

Pros: The ergonomic handles are angled and covered in non-slip plastic, with both features helping to give users the ability to make precision cuts.

Cons: Jaws may chip after use.

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3. WORKPRO Bolt Cutter

Perfect for use around the home, the WORKPRO can handle soft metal, bolts, rods, rivets and chains with an ergonomic bi-material anti-slip grip that is both comfortable and provides control when cutting. The WORKPRO have a 3/16 inch capacity and make a great addition to any handyman’s toolbox. The WORKPRO also uses a lever-fulcrum design that makes it easier to cut with less power. Durable and designed with drop-forged chrome-molybdenum steel, WORKPRO Bolt Cutter cuts efficiently and with added control.

Pros: Affordable value, lever fulcrum design requires less force for cutting.

Cons: The WORKPRO are great for small jobs around the home, like cutting thin wire, screws or nails, but can’t handle heavy-duty jobs like padlocks.

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4. Capri Tools Klinge Mini Bolt Cutter

Large bolt cutters can get through thick pieces of metal, but sometimes you need a smaller bolt cutter for things like, well, bolts. It can also be used to cut threaded rods, chains and wires. It’s a convenient handheld tool that can be used with one hand and kept in a pocket. The soft-touch grip makes it easy to use.

Pros: Portable and powerful option for cutting nuts, bolts and wires. Ergonomic grips.

Cons: Not ideal for cutting larger things.

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5. Gunpla 18-inch Bolt Cutter

If you need a full-sized option for cutting through chains and padlocks, this bolt cutter from Gunpla is a good option. It’s 18″ long and has comfortable handles with curved grips, making it easy to get enough leverage for cutting harder materials. Plus, the bright yellow color will make this tool easy to find in the garage.

Pros: Comfortable ergonomic grip, large 18″ size.

Cons: Could offer a more precise cut for smaller nails.

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6. Neiko Heavy Duty Bolt Cutter, 12-Inch

Neiko makes many great tools, which is why it’s great that their bolt cutters come in a range of sizes. Their bolt cutters are available in sizes between 12″ and 42.” This particular option is 12″, which is a good portable size that still offers leverage. The grips are textured for comfortable use, and the lever fulcrum gives leverage without too much exertion.

Pros: Compact but sturdy, easy to use without too much force. Comfortable grip.

Cons: Not ideal for larger jobs.

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7. RUR 8-Inch Mini Bolt and Wire Cutter

This bolt cutter is another miniature option, and it is 8″ in length. It features soft-touch handles for comfortable holding, and the cutting blades are made out of high carbon steel, which improves durability and resists rusting. The handle has a clip for keeping it shut, making it easy to keep in your pocket.

Pros: Soft handles and miniature size for taking on the go. Clip on the handle to keep jaws closed.

Cons: Better for small jobs, similar to what a wire cutter might be used for.

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