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The Best All-Purpose Bungee Cords for Your Home and Car

The primary usefulness of a bungee cord is often advertised as being automotive in nature. Bungee cords are handy for securing things to the top of your car, the bed of a truck, or in a U-Haul to keep things from moving around in transit. Plus, if you do any kind of camping or anything outdoorsy, you’ll want a bungee cord to secure things to your car and at the campsite. But to limit bungee cords to just a car or truck wildly undersells just how handy bungee cords really are. Even just around the house, bungee cords can be a tremendously effective way to handle small repairs and tackle DIY projects.

Bungee cords can be used to secure just about anything you might have around the house. Open shelving that contains items that could potentially be knocked over, for example, are quickly made safe with bungee cords. You can use bungee cords as a makeshift clothesline or even as an extra curtain rod for blackout curtains. Their versatility stems from how stretchy they are. They can be pulled well beyond their length, but the springiness means they’ll be pulling back the other way. If affixed properly, the stretchiness and springiness work together to keep your items securely in place. Properly is a key word here, though. There are a lot of injuries that can be caused by an S-hook or J-hook being pulled loose. A lot of these injuries affect the eyes, which is why it’s imperative to be tremendously careful with bungee cords. This is especially true when it comes to pulling a bungee cord far beyond its length.

Whether you need a bungee cord for your car’s roof racks or for a project around the house, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite picks. We also included some options with carabiner clips that offer added safety.

1. CARTMAN Ultra 48″ Black/Yellow Flat Bungee Cord

Cartman is one of the most trusted makers of automotive accessories, and this set of well-priced bungee cords is good for a variety of applications. They’re unique because the cords themselves are flat, rather than the typical tubular shape. The good thing about flat cables is that they don’t exert as much pressure on the items as rounded ones. These have multi-strand rubber cords and hooks with steel cores for added stability.

Pros: Flat cords are a good option because they reduce strain on the items they’re used on compared with round cords. These have 24-strand rubber cords and hooks with steel cores, adding durability.

Cons: Only four cords are included, which is less than most of the options on this list.

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2. Bungee Cord with Carabiners Super Long 60″

Finding bungee cords with carabiner clips is a surprisingly challenging task, which is why these cords are such a great option. Each order contains six bungee cords, each of which is 60 inches long, so it’s a good option for securing any larger items. They’re available in all-yellow or all black. The exterior of the cables has UV protection to extend their lifespan.

Pros: These cords are a good value because each order consists of six extra-long 60-inch cables. The cords have carabiner clips for extra security, which helps reduce the risk of injury.

Cons: Clips don’t always perfectly align.

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3. FORTEM Bungee Cords

This set of bungee cords is a pretty remarkable value. The 24-piece set includes two 40-inch cords, two 32-inch cords, four 24-inch cords, six 18-inch cords and six 10-inch cords. In addition, there are four canopy ties and a 12-inch x 12-inch net for securing gear. The last piece is a small zippered pouch to carry all of the cords. The hooks have a metal core for added durability. The variety of sizes makes it perfect for securing items of different sizes.

Pros: This set is a good value because it includes many different pieces, including 18 different bungee cords. There’s also a net, which is useful in securing loose items to your car, truck, bicycle, or motorcycle.

Cons: Net is small, so it won’t be that useful for securing larger items.

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4. CARTMAN Bungee Cords 16pcs

Another option from Cartman is this 16 piece set. Whereas some of the other options have extra features, this is a great option if you just need basic and reliable bungee cords. There are 10 32-inch cords and six 24-inch cords. The longer cords are green and the shorter are red, so it’s easy to differentiate them to tell which you might need. The cords are UV protected and the hooks are coated to prevent them from damaging whatever you’re attaching them to.

Pros: This is a good basic set of cords, and it includes 10 32-inch cords and six 24-inch cords, which are good lengths for a variety of applications. Includes a lot of cords for a low price.

Cons: Could use more size variety. Hooks are plastic.

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5. RHINO USA Bungee Cords with Hooks

If you need a lot of equipment for not a lot of money, this pick from Rhino USA is a good bet. The 28 piece set includes two 40-inch cords, two 32-inch cords, four 24-inch cords, and six 18-inch cords. There are also four canopy ties, six mini ties, and four tarp clips. The bungee cords are coated to prevent damage to the items you’re securing. The cords are also color-coded to easily find the right one for the job. The cords also have a sturdy 185-pound breaking strength.

Pros: Affordable set includes a wide variety of bungee cords. There’s also extra equipment like canopy ties and tarp clips, so this set is perfect for the outdoorsman.

Cons: Slightly confusing branding indicates that the product is made in the US, but it’s made in China.

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6. Keeper 12-Piece Bungee Assortment

If you’re looking for an option that prioritizes safety, this set from Keeper features carabiner clips on the ends. That means the cords are less likely to snap when being put on. The pack includes 12 cords consisting of four different lengths. There are three of each of the following: 18-inch, 24-inch, 36-inch, and 48-inch. The cords are coated to be UV resistant, and the bright patterned colorways make the cords easy to see, no matter when and where they’re being used.

Pros: Good option for safety, because they have gated clips on the end for a more secure hold. The variety pack consists of three cords in four different sizes, totaling 12 cords per order.

Cons: May not be ideal for heavy-duty tasks.

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7. Kotap Adjustable 32-Inch Bungee Cords

If you have a preference for a specific length, this Amazon listing makes it easy to choose between 18-inch, 32-inch and 48-inch lengths. However, you can also choose assorted lengths. Each order includes 10 different cords, which is plenty to handle a variety of basic jobs around the house and in the car. The hooks are coated to prevent scratching whatever they’re hooked to. The hooks can slide down the length of the cord, making them more adjustable.

Pros: Easy way to get a set of equally-sized cords of the same color. Affordable value for a good number of cords.

Cons: Not ideal if you’re looking for a variety of cord sizes.

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