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The Best Coring Drills For Installing Pipes, Ducts, and Wiring

There are many DIY projects that you can tackle with minimal experience and the basic tools you have in your toolbox. But if you’re taking it to the next level, you’ll want to look into construction-grade equipment. One powerful tool that is indispensable in construction projects involving concrete and stone is a coring drill.

Coring drills allow you to create large, clean cylindrical holes in concrete. If you need to install wiring, ducts, or pipes, then a coring drill is one of the best tools for creating a large enough hole in the wall. For example, if you want to install a machine dryer or an HVAC system, you’ll need a larger hole than a drill creates to fit the duct.

The basic function of a core drill is cutting through and removing a cylindrical portion of concrete. This piece of concrete is referred to as the core, and removing it from the wall allows you to have a hole with clean edges all the way through. The coring is done by a tube with diamond cutting edges. These tubes are called core bits. They spin around, cutting through concrete and collecting the cylinder to be removed inside the tube.

Coring bits come in wet or dry varieties. Wet core bits use water to remove material more quickly. They’re more efficient and durable, but there are some instances where a dry bit is preferred. If you’re working with a wall that may have wiring running through it, for example, you may want to stick with a dry bit. Whether you’re a pro contractor looking for reasonably priced tools or a home DIYer looking to do an installation, these are the core drills to get.

1. Concrete Coring Drill by BLUEROCK Tools

The power of coring drills tends to make them pretty expensive tools, but this coring drill from Bluerock is an economical buy that still delivers. It’s a good option for smaller projects, and it can drill holes up to 4 inches wide. The two speed settings are 2,100 RPM and 950 RPM. It can be used for dry drilling, but the attached hose makes it a good option for wet drilling, too. Plus, the unit comes with a hard-plastic carrying case.

Pros: Lightweight and economical handheld core drill for smaller holes. Has a water hose for wet drilling. Comes with a plastic carrying case.

Cons: Core bits are not included.

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2. Happybuy Diamond Core Drilling Machine

If you’re looking for a good compact option, consider this lightweight, handheld core drilling machine from Happybuy. It’s capable of drilling holes that are up to 7 inches in diameter. It also has a stepless variable speed control, making it easy to set the drill to your preferred speed. There’s also an overload protection switch to prevent damage to the motor. Tubes are included for wet drilling applications, and there’s a hard plastic carrying case to store the tool when not in use.

Pros: Lightweight, variable speed control. Tubes are included to allow for wet or dry coring settings.

Cons: Water tubes are somewhat thin.

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3. CS Unitec DBE 160 Compact Wet Diamond Core Drilling Rig

Though not the lightest option on our list, this coring drill from CS Unitec will drill holes up to 6″ in diameter through anything from concrete to asphalt or stone. Great for plumbing and pipe work. If you’re looking for an option that is easy to manipulate, we’d recommend a different drill on our list. But if you’re looking to punch holes through concrete without getting too fancy, this powerful option will do the trick.

Pros: Lightweight considering the power (18-amp motor). Can drill holes up to 6″ in diameter.

Cons: Should be used in a 20-amp outlet to get the correct level of power to the motor. Not as easy to manipulate as other options. Expensive.

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