These Awesome Credit Card-Sized Multitools Will Slip Right Into Your Wallet

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If you’re a regular camper or the outdoorsy type, you’re probably very familiar with multi-tools. They typically include multiple blades, saws, pliers and even fire starters to prepare you for survival situations. Multi-tools are great for anyone who wants to be able to make quick repairs, too. But if you’re not particularly handy or outdoorsy, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in a multi-tool. You just might want to think smaller.

The best pocket or keychain multi-tools will get you through the situations that you’re actually likely to encounter in your daily life, whether that’s cutting open a package, opening a bottle, or doing basic grooming like filing your nails. Many of the most popular tools fit on a keychain. But if you’ve maxed out on keychain space or just want to add a little more functionality to the things you keep in your pocket, then it’s worth looking into a credit-card-sized multi-tool. They’re barely thicker than a credit card or ID, but many of them can perform over a dozen functions. They’re sized to fit into your wallet sleeves or be seamlessly carried in your pocket.

The first thing many people ask about a multi-tool is how many functions it has. But a more important question is how well does this tool perform them. If a tool is flimsy or awkwardly placed, it’ll be like not having it at all. That’s why we’ve focused on credit card multitools that have handy functions like bottle openers, screwdrivers, nail files and scissors. Basically, these multi-tools are loaded with the functions you need and none that you don’t. These are the credit card multitools to get.

1. Wallet Ninja Credit Card Sized Multitool

Don’t let the playful branding fool you; the Wallet Ninja is a serious tool. It has 18 different useful functions, some you might expect and some you’d be surprised by. There are bottle, box and can openers, plus multiple hex wrenches for unscrewing nuts and bolts. Each corner of the tool functions as a screwdriver, including one for tightening loose eyeglass screws. It’s made out of sturdy steel but can fit into a wallet pocket.

Pros: Wide variety of tools, including bottle, box and can openers. There are also screwdrivers and wrenches. There are no actual blades, so it meets TSA guidelines.

Cons: Some features, like the wrenches, are less handy than others.

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2. Victorinox Swisscard Lite Pocket Tool

Whether or not you’ve heard of Victorinox, you’ve definitely heard of their flagship tool — the Swiss Army knife. The SwissCard Lite isn’t just a great companion to the knife, but it’s also one of the best credit card-sized multitools we’ve ever seen. Like the knife, the SwissCard has a sheathed design. The tools on the SwissCard can be fully removed from the plastic sleeve. Alongside blades, scissors, screwdrivers and tweezers, there are surprising tools like an LED light and even a mini ballpoint pen. Tools are fully removable, so they won’t get in the way of each other. Since they’re housed in a sheath, you won’t have to worry about sharp points cutting your pockets.

Pros: Card-sized tool by the maker of the Swiss Army knife. LED light included.

Cons: Plastic sheath could be more durable. No bottle opener.

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3. Smart RSQ Credit Card Multitool

Like the Wallet Ninja, this multi-tool from Smart RSQ consists of a single piece of metal with various notches and slots cut in that function as tools. There is a knife blade and a saw blade, a bottle opener, a nail file, a fruit peeler and various mini screwdrivers and wrenches. Unfortunately, because of the size, the precision markings can be difficult to read. The card includes bonus gear like a cardholder, money clip, card sleeve and carabiner.

Pros: 37-in-1 functionality. This multitool also comes with a cardholder, card sleeve and carabiner.

Cons: Bonus gear will not fit into a wallet.

credit card pocket tool rsq Amazon

4. SE Pocket Tool

This affordable pocket tool is designed to perform 11 different functions. It’s slightly smaller than a credit card, making it easy to attach to a keychain or keep in any wallet. It has both a can and bottle cap opener, in addition to wrenches, screwdrivers, a knife-edge and a saw blade. It comes with a synthetic leather case.

Pros: Compact and affordable, simple design that is intuitive to use.

Cons: Synthetic leather sleeve is not very well made.

credit card pocket tool se Amazon

5. Cable and Case Credit Card Tool Set Card Knife

If having a functional knife is your top priority, consider this affordable option from Cable and Case. The plastic case acts as a sheath for a small serrated knife, allowing you to use the knife separately of the other tools. There’s also a bottle opener, tweezers and a toothpick that come out of the sheath as well. The sheath has a compass and a magnifying glass, and a metric and imperial ruler on the back.

Pros: Tools can be pulled out of the sheath, making them easier to use separately. Includes a serrated knife, a compass and a magnifying glass.

Cons: May be too thick to fit in a slim wallet.

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6. Lever Gear Toolcard Pro with Money Clip

Money clips have grown in popularity as a way to slim down your everyday carry and eliminate unnecessary bulk that wallets can engender. This tool has a similar multi-tool build as some other options, but what sets it apart is the money clip. The clip is detachable, offering wide modularity for this tool. You can slide your cards, IDs and a couple of bills onto the clip and keep it in your pocket.

Pros: Multi-tool that doubles as a money clip. 40 tools in one including a bottle opener.

Cons: Cards may get in the way of using the tool, so you may have to remove the cards first, which is somewhat inconvenient.

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7. PGXT 11 in 1 Survival Card Tool

Looking for the best credit card multitools to give as a gift? This option from PGXT is a great value — 10 identical multitools are included, making this a great gift option for groomsmen or other occasions, or just to stock up for yourself when you inevitably leave it in your wallet as you go through TSA (the serrated edge means it’s not TSA-approved). Each tool has 11-in-1 functionality, and the tools come with a stylish pebbled faux-leather card case.

Pros: Impressive value, 10 tools plus 10 cases are included. Each tool comes with a handy card explaining the functions. Made from durable stainless steel.

Cons: The tool is considerably smaller than a credit card, and some may prefer something larger.

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8. Guardman 11 in 1 Multi Tool

This option has a similar build to some of our other best credit card sized multitools. This tool comes with basic functions like a bottle opener, a serrated edge and various mini wrenches. Unlike our top picks, it comes in a  two-pack, giving you a backup or an option to give as a gift. Both tools come with a faux-leather carrying sleeve.

Pros: Two-pack of multi-tools. Each tool comes with a carrying sleeve. Extra-durable material.

Cons: Some options are more affordable.

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