The Best Fabric Paints to Help Create Long-Lasting DIY Projects

fabric paint
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A great way to express your creative side is by getting familiar with fabric paints. These paints make for a fun DIY project solo, with a group or event and will make a lasting impression on all your favorite fabrics. Another benefit of these paints is that they are flexible enough to adhere to nearly any surface.

Below are some premium and affordable sets of fabric paint that each include a wide variety of rich, vibrant colors while allowing you to show off your creativity with colorful designs and custom creations.

These fabric paints go on smooth and can produce either a 3D look with a puffy texture or you can paint in 2D with the included brushes for a variety of textures. Easy squeeze tubes and thin nozzles allow you to control the paint flow and quick-drying, long-lasting formulas will keep you inspired and help you make a long-lasting impression.


1. Arteza 3D Permanent Fabric Paint

The 3D Fabric Paint by Arteza comes with 30 individual, easy-to-squeeze tubes. These tubes contain rich, vibrant colors including metallic, fluorescent, neon, glitter, and glow-in-the-dark colors that create a 3D look and puffy texture effect when used and are portable and convenient with less mess. Great for almost all types of fabrics, these paints go on smoothly and dries fairly quick.

Pros: The set also includes three stencils, one flat and one round brush to vary your results.

Cons: There is no brown color included in the set.

fabric paint arteza Courtesy of Amazon


2. Crafts 4 All 3D Fabric Paint

The 3D Fabric Paint Set by Crafts 4 All includes 24 tubes in a wide array of vivid colors. Highly pigmented and quick-drying, this paint is versatile and can create 3D, puffy looks as well as 2D creations that are long-lasting pieces of art and won’t crack or peel. This non-toxic paint is safe for everyone to use and comes with three free paintbrushes that enable you to blend colors like you would with acrylic paint.

Pros: In addition to fabric, these paints are also flexible enough to go on any surface from t-shirts and jeans to mason jars, wooden boxes, and coffee mugs.

Cons: It is advised not to press the bottle too hard to avoid squirting paint everywhere.

fabric paint crafts 4 all Courtesy of Amazon


3. FolkArt Brush on Fabric Paint Beginner Set

FolkArt’s Fabric Paint is a beginner set that comes with eight bottles of premium acrylic paint. This painting kit comes with a basic starter set of every color needed to create an huge array of decorative crafts and home decor while providing superior coverage. This fabric paint is permanent once dried, can be machine washed.

Pros: Clean up is easy — while the paint is still wet, simply wipe up with soap and water.

Cons: Multiple layers of color may be needed for an authentic color payoff.

fabric paint FolkArt Courtesy of Amazon