The Best Geometric Ruler Sets for the Classroom and Design Studio

best geometric ruler sets

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Whether you’re a high school student, a professional architect or a DIYer, having dependable measurement tools is crucial. And if you’re doing anything more advanced than drawing a straight line, you should invest in a geometric ruler set. These sets often include a triangle ruler known as a set square. Triangular structures are notable for their strength, hence the practicality of owning a set square for construction, architecture and other design fields.

Beyond a set square, the kinds of measuring tools you want will depend on the type of work you’re doing. Common tools in a geometric ruler set will include a protractor, architect’s ruler, and drawing compass. Architectural rulers typically have a pyramid shape with multiple measurements on each side, allowing you to scale dimensions or quickly make measurements.

Other factors to consider are build — metal tools are more durable and better-looking than plastic, but can be more expensive. Some sets will include a carrying case, which can be handy for any drafter with an on-the-go lifestyle. These are the best geometric ruler sets to buy right now.

1. Mr. Pen Architectural Triangular Ruler Set

This set from Mr. Pen includes two triangles and an architectural ruler. The ruler is made from a white opaque plastic, while the triangles are made from translucent plastic, making it easy to see the paper underneath them. The eight-inch triangle has a protractor center cutout in the middle, making it a handy two-in-one tool. The architect’s ruler is color-coded as well, making it easy to quickly reference the side you want to use.

Pros: Three handy tools in one kit, plus the protractor in the triangle. Architect’s ruler features three sides with six scales.

Cons: Storage kit not included.

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2. Staedtler Math Set for Drawing Measuring Tool (557 10 BN 02)

This set from Staedler comes with a handy aluminum tin, similar to a large Altoids container, which conveniently organizes all of the components. The aluminum tin also has a plastic insert that keeps the tools organized. Included are two triangles, a compass pencil, letter stencils and extras like an eraser and sharpener. While the components are not professional-quality, they’re suitable for younger students and DIYers.

Pros: Includes an aluminum case with handy measurements printed on the inside. Variety of parts like a protractor, ruler and triangles.

Cons: Not ideal for professional use.

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3. Leinuosen Architect Scale Ruler Set Set

This set is made from aluminum, rather than plastic, giving it more sturdiness and a grown-up look. The white lettering against the black aluminum creates high-contrast for easy legibility, and the six-piece set ensures you have everything you need. Included are two architect’s rulers, two set squares, a regular ruler and a protractor. It’s worth noting that this set is in metric, not imperial.

Pros: Sophisticated look, plenty of handy tools in one kit. Sturdy aluminum construction. High contrast lettering for easy legibility.

Cons: Some may not want a metric set.

geometric ruler sets Amazon