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The Best Heavy Duty Velcro Tape for All of Your DIY Projects

If you’ve been avoiding Velcro because the sound gives you flashbacks to shoes you wore in elementary school, then you’re missing out. Velcro is a convenient solution for anything you need to secure but want to maintain easy access to. While the Velcro you interact with on a daily basis is probably used for minor tasks like organizing charger cables, Velcro also comes in more heavy-duty varieties. Industrial Velcro is sturdy enough to be used for securing art to the wall or keeping rugs from slipping. Velcro has even been by NASA astronauts in space.

While just about everyone calls these grippy strips Velcro, you’ll find that most manufacturers refer to them as hook-and-loop fasteners. Hook-and-loop fasteners are so named because one side has tiny hooks, and the “fuzzy” side acts as loops that grip the hooks. Velcro is trademarked by the eponymous brand, which is why other brands cannot call their products Velcro. The Velcro brand still makes some of the best hook-and-loop fasteners, but there are plenty of other dependable brands on the market.

The options we’ve included below consist of rolls of hook-and-loop fasteners with adhesive on the back. You can attach the fasteners to the wall and attach the other half to tools, remote controls, and whatever else you want secure but convenient to access. The uses of hook-and-loop fasteners are almost too numerous to name, which is why we’ll stick to giving our recommendations and let you do the crafting.

1. VELCRO Brand Industrial Strength Fasteners

It’s no surprise that Velcro still makes some of the best hook-and-loop fasteners. These heavy-duty straps are 2 inches wide and come in a 15-foot roll of tape. The roll-of-tape design makes it easy to customize the amount of Velcro you want to use at once. Both the adhesive and the fasteners are water-resistant, making them great for indoor or outdoor use. They can securely withstand up to 10 pounds of weight.

Pros: Trusted Velcro quality. Unperforated roll makes it easy to customize the amount of Velcro you want. Withstands up to 10 pounds.

Cons: Somewhat expensive.

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2. Strenco 2 Inch Adhesive Black Hook-and-Loop Tape

Like the option from Velcro, Strenco’s hook-and-loop fasteners come as a roll of tape, giving the user the flexibility in choosing the amount they want. The backs of the rolls feature a strong adhesive that won’t get peeled when pulling the fastener. It can be used indoors or out. The box includes two separate rolls, rather than one. One is a 15-foot-long roll of hooks and the other is a 15-foot-long roll of loops.

Pros: Affordable value for 15 feet of hook-and-loop fasteners. Strong adhesive for indoor or outdoor use.

Cons: The hooks and loops are on separate rolls, so it’s slightly less convenient than the Velcro option.

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3. Denser 2 Inch Hook-and-Loop Tape

This affordable option comes with an extra foot and half of tape compared with the Velcro and Strenco options. It comes as two separate rolls of hooks and loops, and each is 16.5 feet long. The back of each roll has an adhesive that securely attaches to smooth surfaces. It’s available in either 2-inch-wide or 1-inc- wide varieties. The price shown is for the 2-inch version.

Pros: Affordable. Available in 2-inch or 1-inch widths. Extra-long 16.5-feet rolls.

Cons: Adhesive could be a little stronger.

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