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Get in Line With These Super-Accurate Laser Distance Measures

The best laser distance measures work by shooting a pulse of light at a target and measuring the time it takes the reflection to return to the device. Unlike tape measures, there’s never any slack or bending; you can get a more accurate reading with lasers, especially at longer distances. Plus, you don’t need to have another person to hold the other end taught.

What To Look For In A Laser Distance Measure

Keep future projects in mind. For basic home improvement jobs, a laser distance measure that works up to 70 feet should be sufficient. If you’re looking for a unit that will work on professional job sites, opt for something with a longer range, like 200 feet.

Where will you be using the laser distance measure? While many lower-end laser distance measures may be accurate in ideal conditions, they may be limited when working in bright daylight. That’s because it can be hard for the sensor to detect the laser if the beam isn’t strong enough to overcome bright sunlight. Again, home projects likely won’t necessitate a laser distance measure that can be used outdoors in the sunlight, a feature that comes with an added fee, but the pros will likely utilize this specific tool on job sites outdoors.

Laser distance measures have differing levels of accuracy and the most precise offer plus or minus of 1/32”. Again, great for pros, but probably overkill for DIY hobbyists.

Memory size should also be considered. Pros who need to take multiple readings at a time will likely want to splurge on a unit that is Bluetooth-enabled and will send data directly to a computer.

How We Chose The Best Laser Distance Measures

We’ve rounded up a few different options, including high-end and super precise picks that can be used outdoors in daylight as well as more affordable measures that excel when used indoors. Most of these measures can be used to run calculations right from the device, allowing you to run a Pythagorean equation or calculate factors like area without having to dust off the calculator or crunch numbers on paper.

Not sure where to start? These are the laser distance measures to get.

1. Bosch Blaze Pro Laser Distance Measure

Bosch makes a variety of laser measures, and this is one of the more basic models. It compromises app connectivity and storage (GLM saves 30 measurements, Blaze Pro saves 10). But, it still packs a punch where it counts. Blaze Pro has the same 1/16-inch accuracy and a backlit display for easy reading.

Pros: Backlit display, can calculate square footage, capable of measuring in different units, the real-time display adjusts as you move.

Cons: Sunny days may limit the ability to see the laser on target in outdoor situations, fraction display on screen can be difficult to read, no level.

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2. SKIL 100-foot Laser Measurer & Digital Level

SKIL may not be as well known as DeWalt or Stanley, but the brand has a legendary pedigree. SKIL invented the circular saw, frequently called a Skilsaw. SKIL continues to make trustworthy consumer tools, like this laser distance measure. This measure stores and displays the most recent measurements. Other convenient features include the ability to walk and measure at the same time, providing real-time measurements with limited delay. The digital leveler ensures that the unit is properly leveled for more accurate readings.

Pros: Digital level for more accurate readings, walk and measure feature for real-time measurements. Micro-USB powered lithium-ion battery saves on the need to buy batteries.

Cons: The 100-foot range is shorter than some other options on this list.

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3. Bosch GLM 50 C Bluetooth Enabled Laser Distance Measure

It’s hardly cheap, but you get a lot with this Bosch laser measure. Bluetooth capabilities automatically transfer measurements to your device via the Bosch app. It also gives real-time distance measurements as you move closer or further away from the target.

Pros: Backlit display makes for easy reading in dark spaces or bright sunlight, accurate to 1/16th of an inch, digital level, Bluetooth connectivity, measurements in different units.

Cons: Steep price, and unintuitive app.

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4. LOMVUM Laser Measure

This affordable laser measure from Lomvum has a large screen that displays the last few measurements, making it easy to take not of multiple measurements at once as needed. This unit has multiple modes including Pythagorean mode, and you can measure area and volume. The already affordable measure also comes with handy accessories like a carrying pouch, wrist lanyard and batteries.

Pros: Comes with accessories like batteries and a carrying pouch. Multiple measurement modes like Pythagorean and area/volume. Backlit display for nighttime use.

Cons: May have limited use in bright daylight.

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