Get In Line With These Laser Distance Measures

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Picture this: you and a friend who begrudgingly agreed to help you move are carrying a bookshelf up a flight of stairs. You put the bookshelf where it needs to go, and… it doesn’t fit. You could have sworn that when you used a tape measure to see how tight the space was you’d have at least two or three inches to spare.

Perhaps you’ve never been in this exact scenario, but chances are you’ve experienced something similar. If you’re someone who regularly needs to move furniture, or you work in a field such as contracting, architecture, or the like, a laser distance measure will save you a world of headaches. Generally, they work by shooting a pulse of light at a target and measure the time it takes the reflection to return to the device. Unlike tape measures, there’s never any slack or bending; you can get a more accurate reading with lasers, especially at longer distances.


1. Bosch GLM 50 C Bluetooth Enabled Laser Distance Measure

It’s hardly cheap, but you get a lot with this Bosch laser measure. Bluetooth capabilities automatically transfer measurements to your device via the Bosch app. It also gives real-time distance measurements as you move closer or further away from the target.

Pros: Backlit display makes for easy reading in dark spaces or bright sunlight, accurate to 1/16th of an inch, digital level, Bluetooth connectivity, measurements in different units.

Cons: Steep price, and unintuitive app.

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2. Bosch Blaze Pro Laser Distance Measure

Bosch makes a variety of laser measures, and this is one of the more basic models. It compromises app connectivity and storage (GLM saves 30 measurements, Blaze Pro saves 10). But it still packs a punch where it counts. Blaze Pro has the same 1/16th-inch accuracy and a backlit display for easy reading.

Pros: Backlit display, can calculate square footage, capable of measuring in different units, real-time display adjusts as you move.

Cons: Sunny days may limit the ability to see the laser on target in outdoor situations, fraction display on screen can be difficult to read, no level.

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3. Tacklife HD60 Classic Laser Measure

This Tacklife measure offers 1/16th-inch accuracy and comes with horizontal and vertical bubble levels for precise measuring. It can calculate square footage and volume, and it has a Pythagorean mode that allows you to measure the angle between multiple distances.

Pros: Affordable, provides 1/16th-inch accuracy, capable of performing numerous calculations.

Cons: Bosch provides automatic distance readouts, Tacklife requires that you press a button to receive a measurement, which can be inconvenient when taking many measurements. Fraction display is small and can be hard to read.

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