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Planning An Extreme Home Makeover Of Your Own? These Pump Jacks Are the DIY Approach to Scaffolding

Maybe the years are starting to show, maybe your sense of style is changing, or maybe you’re just looking for a challenge. Whatever reason you have for working on the outside of your home, you’re probably aware that it’s a serious undertaking. If you’re refinishing the walls or simply throwing on a fresh coat of paint, just reaching all of the walls can be difficult. That’s where scaffolding comes in. There are a few convenient and affordable ways to use scaffolding on smaller buildings like homes.

One of the most innovative and economical scaffolding tools are pump jacks. A pump jack might sound like something you would use to lift your car, and that’s because the principles are actually pretty similar. The frame of a pump jack is attached around a vertical post. The user stands on the jack and steps on the pump, which causes the jack to move vertically up the post. Generally, two jacks are used in conjunction with one another. A plank is between the jacks creates a platform for the worker.

The major benefits of pump jacks are convenience and affordability. Pump jacks can be used by one or two people, making them a great option for DIY projects. Plus, they’re lightweight and inexpensive. A single pump jack can weigh less than 25 pounds, making it easy to carry around solo.

If you’re trying to work on your own home or you run a business and are looking for affordable tools, we’ve rounded up some of the best pump jacks that you can find on Amazon.

1. Titan, Aluminum Pump Jack System

This option from Titan is considerably more expensive than many of the others, but that’s because it consists of most of the essentials needed to get started. There are two jacks, two 24-foot poles, two benches, and two pump jack braces. Most of the equipment is made out of aluminum, making it lightweight and easy to carry. The equipment is also designed to be compatible with other brands.

Pros: Consists of most of the things needed to get started. Lightweight aluminum construction. Designed to be easy to set up.

Cons: Size and weight of the equipment mean that shipping costs are substantial.

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2. Titan Aluminum Pump Jack Scaffold System – Package #3

This pick from Titan is an upgrade on the basic scaffolding package. It costs more but includes more equipment. The included components are two 24-foot aluminum poles, two aluminum pump jacks, two pump jack braces, and two pump jack benches. What sets this kit apart is the two 14-inch x 24-foot stages, capable of holding two people (500-pound maximum capacity).

Pros: This upgraded kit includes many of the components of the other kit, plus two 24-foot staging platforms. Lightweight aluminum makes it easier to move around.

Cons: The individual jacks are somewhat heavy.

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3. Werner SPJ-10 Steel Pump Jack for Pump Jack System

Werner’s primary product is the ladder, especially the type for industrial and worksite use. They’ve been in the business long enough with a nearly singular focus that they’ve become one of the most trusted brands for ladders. This pump jack, the SPJ-10, is a single pump jack. The SPJ-10 has a hand-crank and a safety brake. It can accommodate up to 24-inch wide planks. Despite its safety features and sturdiness, it’s very lightweight.

Pros: Lightweight and affordable, with various built-in safety and convenience features like a safety brake and slip-resistant foot lever.

Cons: Can be somewhat difficult to crank initially.

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4. Qualcraft 2201 Pump Jack Brace, Steel

If you’re buying pump jacks individually, then you’ll need to buy additional equipment as well. Pump jack braces can be somewhat easy to overlook because they don’t take you up and down and you don’t stand on them. That said, they’re an important part of a scaffolding setup. This brace is designed to attach to a fabricated wood pole and the building. This creates a triangular structure that adds safety should any other components fail. A single brace is included with the order.

Pros: Good option for those using wood poles. Lightweight.

Cons: Not an adjustable length, which limits the reach.

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