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Rotary Cutters Are The Key To Creating Clean Cuts In Fabric

A good rotary cutter can be a DIYer’s best friend. The great thing about any DIY project is that while it’s a fun way to learn a new skill, it’s also a great way to get things exactly the way you want them. Whether it’s a woodworking or knitting project, DIY frees you from the impossible task of trying to find that exact piece of furniture or throw pillow you imagined in your head. Plus, once you have the equipment, it’s usually way cheaper to do it yourself. That’s the catch, though. Finding the right equipment can take research and a good deal of trial-and-error, especially since no two DIY projects are alike.

If you work with fabric regularly, chances are you understand the importance of having sharp cutting implements. Creating clean, straight lines is essential, but it can be very difficult, especially since different fabrics have many different properties. One of the best tools you can have in your arsenal is a rotary cutter.

For the uninitiated, a rotary cutter looks deceptively like a pizza cutter, but they’re not the same. Rotary cutters have super-sharp blades that are specifically designed for cutting through fabric, and they have quick-release guards to cover the blade. Before you consider using the same cutting board you use for pizza, you’ll need to also invest in a rotary mat. The gridded mats are made from a specialized vinyl material that’s “self-healing,” meaning the blade won’t leave any marks. If you’re looking to make a quilt or you’ve decided to make your own clothes, these rotary cutters will help you on your DIY journey.

1. Fiskars 60 Millimeter Rotary Cutter

Fiskars is a top name in the crafting game, and they’re well known for their orange-handled scissors. This rotary cutter from Fiskars has a soft, comfortable grip. There are easy-to-use blade release and lock buttons on the handle, so you never have to go close to the blade until you need to replace it.

Pros: Titanium-coated blade is sturdier than steel, blade can be reversed for left-handed users. Comes with a lifetime warranty.

Cons: Blades may need replacing quicker than expected.

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2. OLFA 45mm Splash Rotary Cutter

OLFA is the company that first introduced the rotary cutter, and they continue to produce high-quality cutters. The cutter comes in a bunch of vibrant colors, so you’ll never get your blade confused with someone else’s if you share working space. There’s a secure locking mechanism as well.

Pros: Straight handle makes it comfortable for right and left-handed use. Easy to open and close, as well as to change blades.

Cons: No extra blades.

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3. Premier Blades 45mm Rotary Cutter Tool

Even the toughest blades go dull, which is what makes this rotary cutter such a good value. It comes with six blades, and a plastic case for the extra blades. There’s a push-button lock for securing the blade.

Pros: Comes with six blades for more precise cutting and a blade case.

Cons: Occasionally the safety button is prone to getting stuck.

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