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Save Your Table and Make Exact Cuts With a Rotary Cutting Mat

Regardless of whether you’re new to sewing, cutting, crafting and scrapbooking, or you’re well-versed in the world of DIY projects, you need a rotary cutting mat. From saving your tables and workspaces to providing easy-to-use and accurate measurement guidelines, rotary cutting mats are the must-have assistant for just about any arts and crafts project.

What To Look For In A Rotary Cutting Mat

Not only do these mats provide protection for your tables and workspaces, but they also protect your blades, giving knives and rotary cutters a surface to work on that is designed to protect the blades from premature dulling. The thicker the mat, the more protection for your blade.

Rotary cutting mats feature grids and measurement guides to make cutting just about any type of material easy and accurate. Mats often come with metric grids as well as angles, with some mats better designed for cutting fabric, while others are suited for cutting shapes, like triangles and stars.

Keep size in mind. Bigger is better when working on large projects, but you are limited to the size of your worktable, so make sure you get a mat that is smaller than your table or the same size.

How We Chose The Best Rotary Cutting Mats

The rotary cutting mats we’ve included on our list are self-healing mats that are made from vinyl and plastic. The self-healing part of the name comes from the mats’ ability to close tiny holes and cuts that are made when rotary blades cut fabric on the mat. This is especially important for those who want to do quilting and sewing projects, as tiny knicks and cuts in a mat that isn’t self-healing could snag fabric, causing rips and tears.

Whatever type of project you want to take on, from an afternoon of crafting with the kids to creating new slipcovers for your dining room chairs, a rotary cutting mat is an excellent investment. Check out our favorites below.

1. ARTEZA Self Healing Rotary Cutting Mat

Designed for sewing, arts and crafts, school and home projects, the ARTEZA 18-inch x 24-inch mat features three layers that will protect both your cutting utensils and surfaces, while also having a thin finish that is resistant to curling at the corners. The mat rolls up for secure storage and is non-slip for safe cutting. Made from eco-friendly material, the double-sided mat has a no-glare, easy-to-read surface and features a metric gridline with angle markings. Made with multiple layers for added toughness, the ARTEZA Self Healing Rotary Cutting Mat is non-toxic and resists curling.

Pros: Self-healing properties, no-roll corners, made with eco-friendly material.

Cons: The ARTEZA isn’t great for quilting or sewing since the measurements don’t extend to the edge of the grid.

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2. Fiskars Crafts Rotary Sewing Cutting Set

The Fiskars Crafts Rotary Sewing Cutting Set comes with everything you need for DIY projects and crafting, including a rotary cutter with a 45 mm blade, a cutting mat and a clear acrylic ruler. The Fiskars set includes a rotary cutter, as well as an 18-inch x 24-inch mat with a self-healing finish and a double-sided easy to read grid. The collection also features a clear acrylic ruler that measures 6.5 inches x 24 inches, ideal for projects with fabric, with the ruler letting you see what you’re cutting and providing a seam allowance for strip cutting.

Pros: Includes rotary cutter and acrylic ruler, self-healing design, easy to read grid.

Cons: The Fiskars set has to be stored flat and can’t be rolled up like other models.

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3. Fiskars Self-Healing Rotating Cutting Mat

Rotate your mat to fit your project instead of the other way around with the Fiskars Self-Healing Rotating Cutting Mat. The Fiskars self-healing mat smoothly rotates to make cutting squares of fabric more straightforward than ever, making this an excellent option for sewing, quilting and patchwork. The mat features easy-to-read grid lines and has 30, 45, and 60-degree bias lines that work great for cutting a star or triangle.

Pros: Easily rotates for added convenience, ideal for fabric, three bias lines to choose from.

Cons: At 14 inches x 14 inches, the Fiskars is the smallest mat on our list.

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