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First Step To Tackling Those DIY Projects: Get a Solid Table Saw

Completing a successful DIY project requires several factors lining up perfectly, including the right materials, a clear and well thought-out design, some know-how, instructions, a reasonable budget, and possibly the most crucial aspect, the right tools. Whether you’re working on a home renovation, have taken up a woodworking project for fun, or running a small business that requires light carpentry, a table saw can be the difference between a job being done right or wrong.

One of the most popular DIY home projects is flooring. Inexpensive and requiring limited expertise, replacing flooring in an older home can make a massive difference in terms of functionality and aesthetic, giving your house the finish you always dreamed of or getting it ready to sell and making it more attractive to buyers. Whether you’re installing linoleum, thin tiles, laminate or wood, having an easy to use and lightweight table saw that can be moved around a room can make quick work of trimming corner and side pieces. A table saw is also an ideal tool when cutting trim and floorboards, which provide a clean finish to any room.

Ten-inch saws are the most common sizes of table saws, which we’ve included in our list below. These are primarily used for light carpentry and woodworking, making them perfect for home renovations and hobbyists.

Whenever you’re using a table saw, there are necessary safety steps to keep in mind. As outlined by celebrity contractor Bob Vila, no materials should be touching the blade when it’s turned on. The rip fence should always be used when making rip cuts, and the miter gauge should always be used when making crosscuts. When it’s time to cut, the material should always lay flat on the table. The use of goggles and ear protection is also recommended, even for small table saws.

If you’re ready to take on your next project and need a table saw to help achieve a professional look, we’ve highlighted three of our favorite options below.

1. Bosch Gravity Rise Power Tools Tablesaw

The Bosch Gravity Rise Power Tools Tablesaw is a powerful 10-inch, 15-amp table saw that can easily be moved around a job site thanks to the wheel stand.

Pros: The Bosch is a 10-inch, 15-amp table saw that delivers 4.0 max HP and 3,650 RPM that makes ripping, rip-cutting and cross-cutting possible with both fine and rough materials. The large aluminum top provides a large workspace, and the riving knife is protected by anti-kickback pawls.

Cons: Some customers noted that the dust catching system needs improvement, with dust settling in nooks and crannies of the saw that are difficult to clean.

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2. DEWALT 10-Inch Table Saw

Lightweight and easy to lift and move, the DEWALT 10-Inch Table Saw has a 45-degree shoe bevel for beveled cuts.

Pros: The DEWALT is heavy on protection, both for the table saw and the user. The table saw has a steel roll cage to protect against drops and bumps, and the overload protection means the saw will keep working even in wet and cold environments. With a powerful 1850-Watt motor, the DEWALT has a 610 mm rip capacity and can handle just about any hardwood on its cast table top design. Like the Bosch, the DEWALT is a 10-inch, 15-amp table saw with a slightly higher load speed of 3,850 RPM.

Cons: The DEWALT is slightly smaller than the Bosch, with a 20-inch rip capacity compared to the Bosch’s 25-inches. A saw stand is sold separately, so you’ll need a high table or counter to place the saw on if you don’t purchase the stand.

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3. Rockwell BladeRunner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw

At only 17 pounds, the lightweight Rockwell BladeRunner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw can easily be moved around job sites and provide four types of cuts for small jobs.

Pros: The Rockwell can perform rip, cross, scroll, and miter cutting with its five included t-shank blades that can handle wood, ceramic tile, aluminum, and metal. The blades can easily be changed in three seconds and the table saw has a rip-fence for controlled long cuts. Designed for small jobs and entry-level woodwork projects, the Rockwell comes with a built-in carry handle, making it our most portable option.

Cons: Some customers commented that the Rockwell is extremely loud. The workspace is also small.

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