The Best Tool Belts Will Make You Feel Like a DIY Batman

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Without his utility belt, Batman would be in a lot of trouble. And if you’re an electrician, carpenter, framer or home DIYer, you probably feel the same way about your tool belt. The best tool belts are used for exactly what you’d expect — holding tools on your belt. But choosing the right tool belt is important; the best tool belts should be comfortable enough to wear all day, and, most importantly, keep everything you need in reach.

How To Choose a Tool Belt

When picking out a tool belt, it might be tempting to grab the one that has the most pockets possible. But it’s best to first consider what you actually need to carry, and get a tool belt based on your needs. For example, if you’re a DIYer tackling projects around your house, a belt that can handle a few pliers and screwdrivers, like our pick from Dickies, may be ideal. On the other hand, if you’re a pro, you might want something like the leather belt from AWP.

Since the demands of the job can change over time, or even day to day, it’s worth considering a modular belt. Klein Tools’ 55918 Tool Belt is a good example. Klein’s tool belt doesn’t come with any pouches, but you can easily add on all of the accessories you need.

The fit of the belt is also important, especially if you’re carrying a lot of tools. You don’t want something that will slip off or slow you down. If you have a lot of heavy tools, then you should consider upgrading to a belt with suspenders. Some belts have metal loops to help you to add suspenders later on as needed. A belt with suspenders might be a fashion faux pas when it comes to wearing a suit, but it makes a lot of sense when you’re doing manual labor.

While tool belts are primarily used by carpenters, electricians and other trade professionals, crafty people can find plenty of other uses for them. For example, reviewers used one of our top picks, the Dickies tool belt, for everything from gardening to dog walking. Even if you’re not a pro or handyman, there are tons of different uses for a tool belt.

We’ve rounded up some of the best tool belts you can buy online, based on research, reviews and knowledge of the brands. We’ve prioritized variety, picking out basic options for a few tools and belts capable of carrying an entire garage’s worth of tools.


1. CLC Custom Leathercraft Tool Belt


If you’re looking for a professional option, consider this belt from CLC. It boasts 18 total pockets, so you can stash everything you need for a day’s work. And if there’s anything you don’t need that day, any of the pouches can be removed from the belt. It has loops to easily pull it up, though there are no clips for suspenders.

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2. Dickies 5-Pocket Single Side Tool Belt


Though it’s listed as a belt for carpenters, plenty of reviewers found this belt from Dickies to be useful for other purposes. For example, many gardeners praised its size for carrying small gardening tools. There are two large pockets, one medium pocket, two small pen-shaped pockets and a tool loop. However, the tool loop is likely too small for most hammers.

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3. Klein Tools 55918 Tool Belt


This tool belt from Klein makes it easy to carry all of the tools you actually need. That’s because the belt itself does not include any pouches or pockets, but has a strap for easily attaching any extra pouches you want to add. Those pouches can be found on the same product listing. The tool belt also includes loops for attaching suspenders.

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4. AWP TrapJaw Oil-Tan Leather Tool Rig


Tool belts are designed to keep your most-used tools easily accessible, but sometimes they’re too accessible, to the point that they risk slipping out while you’re working. AWP’s tool rig uses snap closures to keep your tools in place, without slowing you down. It’s made from leather, making for a great gift for the DIYer in your life.

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5. DEWALT  Combo Apron Tool Belt


For a tool belt that takes a more-is-more approach, pick up this option from Dewalt, which has built-in suspenders and a whopping 20 pockets and sleeves, including pouches on the suspenders themselves. There’s also a zippered pouch for storing valuables. The only catch is remembering where you put everything.

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6. Carhartt Legacy Tool Belt


This tool belt from Carharrt is basic and lightweight, with pouches in Carhartt’s iconic duck brown canvas. There’s a clip for attaching a tape measure and a hammer loop. There are a total of nine pouches, enough to store plenty of tools but not so many that it’ll be hard to find what you’re looking for.

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7. Bucket Boss AirLift Tool Belt with Suspenders


Bucket Boss’s AirLift tool belt offers plenty of features for comfort and support. The suspenders have mesh panels for breathability. The suspenders and belt are adjustable to suit wearers of different heights. In addition to the pockets, there’s a rear hammer loop.

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