The Best Tool Sets For Those Times When You Can’t Just Duct Tape It

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A tool set is great if you’re a very handy person, but it might be even better if you’re not. If you’ve ever walked into a hardware store sure of what you needed but totally unsure of what it was called or where to find it, tool sets are for you. Their all-in-one nature eliminates the need to try to describe “that little bit thingy” to a hardware store employee in the hopes that he or she will just intuit what you need. Don’t get us wrong, hardware stores are still great places for specific equipment and helpful expertise, but tool sets make it easy to tackle most basic household jobs on your own.

A good tool set typically has a carrying case that makes it easy to find everything you’re looking for, and it should include some essentials like a hammer, Allen wrenches (aka hex keys), and pliers. Even if you don’t find yourself using every single tool, you’ll be glad you have them if the need ever comes up. These kits won’t qualify you for a general contractor license, but they’ll definitely make you handier around the house.


1. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Drill & Home Tool Kit

If you’re regularly tackling jobs around the house, this set from Black+Decker has 68 pieces. The biggest difference between this and the other kits is that there’s a power drill included. There are a variety of different pliers and bits, and it comes in a soft carrying bag.

Pros: High-quality tools, includes a cordless power drill.

Cons: Tool bag doesn’t have an internal organizer.

Black and Decker tool set Courtesy of Amazon Amazon


2. CARTMAN 148-Piece Tool Set

This affordable kit comes with 148 pieces, including a variety of screws. There are 30 bits and a bit driver, long nose pliers, and even a small roll of 3M tape. Plus, it has a hard shell carrying case with designated slots for all the tools.

Pros: 148-piece kit, including screws, a tape measure, and 3M tape.

Cons: Difficult to slot tools into their designated places.

Cartman Tool Set Courtesy of Amazon Amazon


3. Apollo Precision Tools 39-Piece General Tool Set

This 39-piece tool kit comes in a hardshell plastic case, and it includes most of the basic things you need for around the house jobs. There are precision screwdrivers, a boxcutter, bits, a bit driver, a tape measure, and even scissors.

Pros: 20 bits, eight hex keys, complete kit in a small case.

Cons: Can be difficult to slot everything in place to keep the case closed, no needle-nose pliers.

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