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Turn Your Kid Into a DIYer With Free Building Kits

Parents are always on the lookout for new activities to keep our children busy and entertained, whether it’s teaching them how to ride balance bikes or sharing some classic children’s books. But almost every activity comes at a price, and that can add up.

The good news for my fellow DIYer parents: The Home Depot and Lowe’s, which offer free DIY workshops for adults, also provide free building kits for kids. The kits can be picked up once a month or built on-site at your preferred store.

If you’re a regular at one of these home improvement stores, now is the time to start taking advantage of these great construction toys for kids.


Where Can You Get a Free Building Kit for Kids?

You have two options to pick from so your little one can start building some cool stuff and become a future DIYer.

  • The Home Depot: As part of the store’s Kids Workshops program, the company offers free projects and construction toys for kids. You can access these resources online and you can also pick up a free project kit once a month at your local store.
  • Lowe’s: Through its Lowe’s Workshops initiative, the retailer provides in-person, on-demand and live-streamed workshops not only for adults but also for kids. Plus, the company offers workshop kits for kids similar to Home Depot’s once a month while supplies last.

What to Expect From the Free Building Kits

The Home Depot’s building kits come with all the materials, supplies and easy-to-follow instructions needed to put together the entire project. You will likely also need some small tools that you may already have at home — such as a hammer and screwdriver — to help your child finish the kit. Most projects are targeted for kids five and older, but you can certainly get one for your younger kid and make it together as a parent and kid activity.

In addition, The Home Depot’s kits also come with a certificate of completion and a pin for your little DIYer. Plus, if you find you need a little help as you get going, you can find a video with step-by-step instructions online.

Lowe’s also provides all you need for the project, also at no cost. The main difference is Lowe’s free in-store workshops. One of their experts leads the workshop and walks the kids through the entire process, from start to finish. Keep in mind that you must register in advance for the in-person workshop — more on that below.


How Often Are the Building Kits Available?

Both The Home Depot and Lowe’s give their workshop kits away once a month. You can reserve them online or you can walk into your local store and go straight to the customer service desk for help.


The Home Depot

The free Home Depot Kids Workshop Kit is available for pick up the first Saturday of every month from 9 a.m. to noon. If you miss that time frame, you may still be able to get one if there are kits left over. Otherwise, you can always buy the kit of the month online.

Complete Home Depot Kids Workshop Kit

Home Depot Kids Workshop Kit



Lowe’s Workshop Kits for mini DIYers can be picked up on the third Saturday of the month between noon and 8 p.m. If you sign up for an in-person workshop, you can get yours during your selected time slot between 9 a.m. and noon. Registration for the retailer’s in-person kid workshops opens online the first day of the month online.

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Courtesy of Lowe's

Lowe’s Workshop Kits


Why Should I Get One?

These kits are a great activity to do with your kids, helping little ones develop their motor and building skills and follow directions, all while having fun. And if that’s not enough, again: They are all free.


Where Can I Pick Up a Kit?

The building kits are available at most The Home Depot and Lowe’s locations. We advise calling your local store or checking their website to confirm that they are offering them.

Now go out there and have fun building something together with your little one.


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