The Best Desktop To-Do Lists to Keep Your Tasks in Check

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Everyone has their own method for keeping track of their daily tasks. However, your go-to system might not be as effective as you think. If you’re jotting down your to-do list on a stray piece of paper, it’s certainly time for an upgrade.

Specialized to-do lists provide a designated space for all of your tasks so you can optimize your productivity. You can typically purchase these lists as a tear-off pad, which allows for a fresh start every day or week. Many to-do lists have other sections as well to track habits like water intake.

While these lists will make a great addition to your desktop, they’re also the perfect gift. Consider adding a to-do list pad to a gift basket for a graduate or gifting one to your boss. Everyone will appreciate a little extra organization in their lives.

If you’re ready to check off these purchases, here are some of the best to-do lists to consider.

1. 321Done To Do List Notepad

If you prefer to keep a running list of tasks, this to-do list can keep you on track. The product includes 50 sheets of acid-free paper that won’t bleed through, and the glue edge allows you to easily tear off the pages. You can select between letter and half sizes, as well as wide and college ruled. The size and line spacing will determine how many tasks fit on each page.

Pros: The notepad has a simple and elegant design. The paper is sturdy and won’t tear easily.

Cons: This to-do list doesn’t have a magnet on the back to hang on the fridge.

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2. Sweetzer & Orange To Do List Notebad

Sweetzer & Orange’s to-do list notepad includes two strong magnets, so you can keep your tasks on your fridge. The 8.5 by six-inch product includes 60 non-bleed pages, and the pages tear off with ease. Each page features space for 17 tasks, as well as a blank notes section. The bold typeface and colors will stand out on your fridge.

Pros: The double magnets keep the notepad in place. Each page has a large notes section.

Cons: The glue binding might wear out with use, causing pages to fall out.

to do list Amazon

3. Jot & Mark To Do List

Jot & Mark’s to-do list index cards are perfect to keep in your wallet, purse or planner. The three by five-inch cards include a space for the date and various tasks. Each double-sided card is made of sturdy matte paper, so you won’t need to worry about ink bleeding through. You’ll receive 100 cards with your order. This product is available with a green or purple header.

Pros: You can carry around one card at a time, rather than a whole notepad. The print is clear and bold.

Cons: The lines may be too close together if you have large handwriting. The cards may be too small to hang up.

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4. Lamare Daily To Do List Notepad

Wellness-minded people will love this daily to-do list. Each page of this notepad has sections for your top three tasks, general to-do list, gratitude, self-care and miscellaneous notes. This notepad has a sturdy cardboard backing, but it’s not magnetic. The product is around eight by six inches, so you can leave it on your desk or carry it with you.

Pros: The notepad has a simple layout and muted colors. The “top three” section separates your most important tasks.

Cons: The notepad might be too small for some users’ liking. It doesn’t have a protective cover.

to do list Amazon