Get Spooky: Fake Blood Takes Your Costume to the Next Level This Halloween

fake blood
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Trying to get a little gory this Halloween? You’re going to need some fake blood. And depending on what you’re going for, you might need a lot.

Fake blood has spooked both children and adults alike for ages now. From classic horror flicks like Scream to haunted houses deep in the woods to classic pranks played on family members, fake blood claims pertinence both in media and in the home — especially around Halloween. Best of all, nowadays you can ditch the mess you may find at Party City and snag your fake blood online, for you know, all your fake blood needs. Duh.

For haunted houses, fake blood can really help set the scene. Together with fog machines, giant skeletons, fake blood and a little imagination, you can create a truly epic DIY Halloween display.

For Halloween costumes, fake blood can be the perfect finishing touch.

Whether you’re planning on dressing up as Dracula for your BFF’s Halloween party, practicing your special effects makeup skills, or faking a nose bleed the next time you have to make a speech in front of your lecture classroom, you’ll need fake blood. To help you out, we found the best fake blood you can buy online right now.


1.  In Character Vampire Blood


This 16-ounce bottle of fake vampire blood is genuinely true to color, uniquely different from the ketchup-red blood plaguing the internet. There’s a ton of it, too, so you can use a slew on your face and even more on the rest of your body. While this stuff claims to be 100% washable, we suggest you don’t wear anything you’re trying to wear out to the bars after dousing it in this stuff. You can never be too sure.

 InCharacter Pint of Blood, fake blood Courtesy of Amazon


2. Rubies 16-Ounce Fake Blood


Another great option for Halloween gore is this bottle of fake blood from Rubie’s, which will stop people in their tracks. It looks ridiculously authentic and is super easy to use for your costume needs. Offered in 16-ounce bottles, this fake blood makes it hard to tell the difference.

Rubies 16-Ounce Fake Blood, fake blood Courtesy of Amazon


3. Mehron Makeup Stage Blood


Anyone looking to get some astounding special effects makeup results must try this bottle from Mehron. Because this bottle is made specifically for the big stage, it holds its own for hours on end without issue. It’s great for kids and adults and can be used around the nose and mouth due to its non-toxic qualities. While this product definitely will stain, the realism, when slathered onto a fake cut or gash, will make it well worth it.

Mehron Makeup Stage Blood, fake blood Courtesy of Amazon


4. Evo Dyne Fake Blood


Some fake blood products come in 1-gallon or half-gallon sizes, which is way more blood than the average Halloween costume calls for, unless you’re going full Carrie for some reason. This convenient option comes in a more practical size. Even better, it’s Made in the USA and with a formula that’s easy to wash out with soap and water. So if you’re searching for the best fake blood that won’t stain, try this affordable pick, available now via Amazon Prime.

fake blood evo dyne, fake blood Courtesy of Amazon


5. Kangaroo Vampire Blood


Though we stand by the 16-ounce Maven Gifts fake blood as the best overall, if money is more of a priority, you can always pick up the Kangaroo Vampire Blood. You get the same sixteen ounces, similar enough fake blood for your Halloween costume or decorative needs, and you can save a few bucks too.

Kangaroo Halloween Vampire Fake Blood, 16 oz, fake blood Courtesy of Amazon


6. Amscan Half Gallon of Fake Red Blood


If you’re looking to stock up on fake blood for the foreseeable future, pick up the Amscan Half Gallon of Fake Red Blood. You don’t need this much — this year, at least. But this fake blood is great to have around for whenever you’re itching to get creative or pull a prank in during the non-spooky time of the year. It’ll also last you for the next couple of Halloweens with no problem.

Amscan Half Gallon of Fake Red Blood, fake blood Courtesy of Amazon


7. New Rule FX Brand Pro Formula All Purpose Stage Blood


If you don’t need a half-gallon of fake blood for Halloween, then you definitely won’t need the New Rule gallon of all-purpose stage blood. But if you’re going all out this year with gory Halloween scenes and bloody costumes, then this gallon of fake blood will keep you supplied and scaring small children all season long.

New Rule FX Brand Pro Formula All Purpose Stage Blood, fake blood Courtesy of Amazon



8. Spirit Halloween Blood Capsules


The superstore has all of your Halloween must-haves, but we’re fans of the Spirit Halloween Blood Capsules. All you do is stick a capsule or two in your mouth and bite down on them when the time is right to ooze non-toxic fake blood out of your mouth. If you do it right, you’re guaranteed to scare the bejesus out of just about anyone. Make sure to give your teeth a good brushing and rinsing at the end of the night, and don’t swallow the fake blood. (It won’t harm you — it couldn’t go in your mouth if it could — but swallowing is still not recommended).

Spirit Halloween Fake Blood Capsules, fake blood Courtesy of Spirit Halloween


9. Graftobian Blood Gel


Though all these fake bloods will drip and ooze, some are more liquid than others and run a bit more. The Graftobian Blood Gel is much better for this effect since it drips but never fully dries, and it eventually “clots” and stays in place. Knowing how easily fake blood can stain clothing, it’s a relief to know you can count on the fake blood not getting too drippy.

Graftobian Blood Gel, fake blood Courtesy of Amazon


10. Spirit Halloween Blood Makeup Kit


If you’re looking to get a bit more creative with your fake blood get-up and add some scratches, bruises, scabs and more, go for the Spirit Halloween Blood Makeup Kit. It includes glitter blood, three blood capsules, a brush, gel blood, scab blood and two sponges because what’s the point in going all out with fake blood unless you’re going to go all out?

Spirit Halloween Blood Makeup Kit, fake blood Courtesy of Spirit Halloween


Or Make Fake Blood at Home

We understand if these fake blood products aren’t speaking to your DIY soul. Fortunately, it’s easy to make fake blood at home, and there are tons of recipes available online to help. Maybe you want to know exactly what’s going into your fake blood recipe in case you have any allergies or if certain products don’t fit into your lifestyle. If that’s the case, here’s an easy three-product fake blood recipe that’s easy, safe to ingest and fun to make.

Ingredients: Corn syrup, chocolate syrup or powdered sugar, food coloring

  • To start, combine one cup of corn syrup with two tablespoons of chocolate syrup. As an alternative to chocolate syrup, add powdered sugar until you achieve a consistency you like.
  • Get mixing, and then drop some food coloring into the mix. Use as little or as much as you want!
  • That’s it! You have your fake blood.

This recipe is perfect for kids because it contains zero harmful additives and tastes great.

Check out this video below for even simpler fake blood that you can make at home with other options you likely already have in your kitchen pantry. With just water, powdered sugar, powdered cocoa and red food coloring, you can whip up more than enough fake blood to complete your bloody costume look. (And if you don’t have this stuff at home, we’ve got low-priced links for all the ingredients under the video.)


Karo Light Corn Syrup, 128 ounces, fake blood Courtesy of Amazon


Hershey's Chocolate Syrup, 24 oz, fake blood Courtesy of Amazon


McCormick Culinary Red Food Color, 16 oz, fake blood Courtesy of Amazon


Domino Confections Sugar, fake blood Courtesy of Amazon


Nestle Toll House Cocoa, 8 ounce, fake blood Courtesy of Amazon