License to Grill: 5 Things You Need to Throw a James Bond BBQ

grill set spy themed barbecue
grill set aluminum case

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* A taste of espionage at your next grilling
* Barbecue tech and party decor to throw a Bond-themed summer get-together
* Check in with (BB)Q for your “License to Grill”

If you’re looking to put a little “Q” in your BBQ this summer, throwing a Bond-themed pool party (Goldflipper, anyone?) or just looking to add some spy-themed spice to your chili cookout, here is exactly what you need: the secret ingredients to a secret agent barbecue. Yes, we know Bond is a British spy and therefore makes a strange choice for a 4th of July party, but 007 is an extremely 20th-century character. Also, one must acknowledge how close the two countries have come in that time, even if Mr. Bond always remained gruff and tight-lipped about just how much his department owed to the Americans. Bond is probably an even weirder choice for a Bastille Day celebration, but we won’t judge you for that either.

1. Grill Set with Aluminum Case

This highly complete set of grilling tools looks just like something Bond’s gadget-developer would have put together. It even comes in a classy, official and vaguely ominous-looking metal attaché case.

Grill set aluminum case Courtesy Amazon


2. BBQ Gloves, Meat Claws and Thermometer

This looks like the kit from some zany ‘60s Bond villain’s wardrobe. Luckily for all, this gear’s true purpose is far less sinister and far more delicious. Plus, the ultra precise digital thermometer lets you get a perfect read on your meat’s readiness.

meat gloves bbq Courtesy Amazon


3. Meat Claws

A meat-shredding example of art imitating life, these “bear claws” are a secret weapon when it comes to making perfectly pulled, tenderized BBQ meat sandwiches. Dishwasher safe, they’re strong enough to lift larger cuts of meat off the grill, too.

meat claws barbecue Courtesy Amazon


4. Martini Glasses

These shatterproof martini glasses are great for serving Bond’s famously “shaken not stirred” beverage at your BBQ.

shatterproof martini glasses Courtesy Amazon


5. Cardboard Sean Connery

Does your barbecue need a life-sized Sean Connery-as-James-Bond cutout? Do you even need to ask?

Courtesy Amazon