Get Started on Your Next DIY Project With These Knitting Kits

knitting kits
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Knitting kits are great ways for the amateur knitter to get started or the already seasoned knitter to stay on top of their game. These kits come with everything you need to get started on your next scarf, baby blanket or if you are so bold, a great winter hat.

Whether you prefer to crochet or knit, there is a set for you. The crochet hook set comes with 22 accessories and a compact case for ease of travel. More importantly, these hooks are made from soft rubber handles, making them extremely comfortable to hold and will help reduce and eliminate any kind of pain or cramping in your hands, wrists or fingers.

The knitting sets come with either straight or circular needles depending on your preference and all the tools, accessories and yarn you need to make your knitting dreams come to life. These kits also come with the most popular sized needles and handy reusable storage bags to help keep everything neatly in their place.


1. BeCraftee Crochet Hook Set

The Crochet Hook Set by BeCraftee comes with everything you need to get started including nine crochet hooks, scissors, sewing needles, stitch markers and more. These crochet hooks have an extremely comfortable grip and come with soft rubber handles to reduce and eliminate arthritis, carpal tunnel, and cramping in your hands, wrists, and fingers. This kit is also ideal for travel with its convenient and compact case which keeps all your knitting supplies and accessories organized.

Pros: The hooks come with color-coded handles and are printed with both letters and numbers to avoid confusion.

Cons: If you prefer tapered hooks, another option might be better.

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2. Exquiss Knitting Needles Set

The Knitting Needles Set by Exquiss includes 18 bamboo circular knitting needles with colorful plastic tubes, 36 pieces of single-pointed bamboo knitting needles, weaving tools and a practical storage case. Each needle is permanently engraved with their individual sizes, making it easy to choose the correct one. Whether you are knitting scarves or sewing clothing, this is the ideal kit to make any knitting project a success.

Pros: The knitting needles are made of bamboo which is luxurious, lightweight and smooth.

Cons: If you are interested in making something larger such as a blanket, another option might be better.

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3. Mira HandCrafts Knitting and Crochet Kit

The Knitting and Crochet Kit by Mira HandCrafts comes with 24 high-quality yarn skeins, two crochet hooks, two weaving needles, and a zippered compact reusable storage bag. The yarn skeins are made from 100% acrylic and come in an assortment of rainbow colors that will make great mini-projects, pompoms, afghans, wreaths, small decorations, and other crafts.

Pros: This set also comes with seven Ebooks in a convenient PDF format which contains different yarn patterns.

Cons: If you are looking for thicker yarn, another option might be better.

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