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Socket to Me: The Best Socket Organizer Trays for your Socket Wrench

It’s a situation familiar to DIYers at every level — try as you might, you just can’t find the tool you need, even though you could have sworn you had it right there. It can happen no matter the size of the tool, but it’s most likely to happen to those small pieces like bits, screws and sockets. That’s why organizing these tools is just as important as having them. After all, if you can’t find them, it’s just like not having them at all.

If you regularly use a socket wrench, the best way to organize your sockets is with a socket organizer tray. The best socket trays have designated slots for common socket sizes, and the drive size will be indicated on the product listing. Some socket trays have size markers, making it easy to grab the one you need at a glance. We’ve rounded up some of the best socket organizer trays that you can buy on Amazon. All of the options below feature a different design mechanism, including magnets, spring-loaded clamps and basic pegs, so you can choose the style that suits your needs best.

These are the socket organizer trays to get.

1. Olsa Tools 1/2″ Drive Socket Organizer

This socket organizer has several clever design details that make it secure, convenient and versatile. The rails have spring-loaded clips on them that the sockets fit over, and you can hold the rail upside down without the sockets falling out. The clips are also modular; you can rotate them along the rails to fit larger sockets that may not be able to fit side by side. They’re available in various sizes and colors, and the price shown is for the black 1/2″ drive.

Pros: Modular design means pegs can be moved along the rail. Holds sockets securely.

Cons: Has 16 clips, but some options can hold more sockets.

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2. Hansen Global 2-Row Socket Trays

If you have a lot of sockets to organize, this option from Hansen global is a solid, simple solution. There are six trays in three different drive sizes, 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″, and each tray has two rows of pegs for holding sockets. That means that you can store over 100 sockets in total. To make organization easy, the pegs are labeled with SAE and metric sizes.

Pros: Convenient way to store a lot of sockets. Pegs are labeled with sizes for easy organization.

Cons: Some socket sizes are not included. The sockets are easy to access, but that means that if the tray is not kept upright the sockets will fall off.

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3. ARES 3/8″ Socket Holder

This option from Ares is designed to hold 30 sockets, including standard sockets and long sockets. The organizer has pockets with a magnetic base, providing a secure hold for your sockets. That means that you can mount the organizer to a workbench or tool chest without having to worry about the sockets falling out. Various sizes and colors are available — this is the 3/8″ drive in black.

Pros: Magnetic slots for a secure hold. Trays have 30 slots, including 15 deep slots for longer sockets.

Cons: Some brands of sockets may not have a precise enough fit.

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