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Before Shelling out for a Professional, Try These At-Home Surfboard Repair Kits for Your Dings

* Surfboard dings and dents are an annoying inevitability in surfing
* Fixing your board yourself is usually easy and saves money
* These kits range from quick fix epoxy to comprehensive repair options

If you love nothing more than putting on your wetsuit and catching some waves, you’ll know getting a ding in your board is rather inevitable. While getting your timing wrong and missing the gnarliest wave of the day can be frustrating, getting a ding or dent in your board is even more annoying as these damages generally require attention unless you want your board to run wild.

Thankfully, most dings on your board can be fixed by even the most amateur surf enthusiasts. Not only does fixing your own board allow you to save money, it also means you can fix your board as soon as you notice a new ding. This, of course, ensures your board runs true and smoothly so you don’t miss any epic waves.

NOTE: Please make sure you do not use polyester repair products on any kind of epoxy surfboard (Surftech, BIC, Cortez, etc).

1. SOLAREZ UV Cure Epoxy Ding Resin


hardens in under one minute when it’s exposed to sunlight with no pre-mixing required. The tough hardening of the dry resin makes it remarkably tough and resilient as well as completely dry (no tacky-ness). That’s why this is an effective and quick answer to unwanted dings in your board. The resin also contains urethanes which help to prevent it from yellowing. In addition, the resin comes with 60/240 sandpaper to ensure a high-quality and smooth finish.

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2. Phix Doctor Surfboard Ding Repair Tape

For a temporary, mid-session fix look no further than the

. This UV resistant and waterproof tape allows you to quickly fix dings and stress fractures in your board. Simply rinse off and towel dry your board, slap on the tape and get back to the waves. This pack includes several different sizes of tape sheets and displays a QR code which links to a how-to video.

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3. Surftech Ding Dough Repair Putty Stick

is the perfect repair aid to keep in your car or in your bag for surfboard fixes at home or on the go. The quick and easy-to-use compound works to fill dings in both epoxy and polyester surfboards. It takes just three easy steps to use the dough for repairs. Simply pinch off the amount you require, knead it and smooth it into the board. Then, allow it to cure in or out of the water and get back to riding the waves as soon as possible.

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4. Ding All Super Polyester Repair Kit

This fully fledged

has everything you need to get your board in tip top shape. It includes four ounces of resin plus hardener, fiberglass cloth, sanding pads, mixing sticks, cover sheets, Q-cell filler and a bonus Sun Cure Mini. These are basically the same tools the professionals use, meaning you can fix your own surfboard using the same methods for a fraction of a price. Simply Google a few YouTube videos, and you’ll have all the tools and information you need to get ready for the next swell.

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