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Cut, Clinch, Hold, and Twist With These Vice Grips

Vice grips or locking pliers are pliers that can be locked in position, a useful tool when tightening or loosening hard to move knobs and bolts. Also used with wires, vice grips can hold one or multiple wires together and cut wires, making them commonly used tools both in professional settings and in projects around the home.

Vice grips or pliers help provide leverage when tightening and loosening small units, providing an added level of control that is often necessary when working with machinery or active appliances or pipes. Vice grips also provide a safe handle when welding or working with wires, protecting the user from heat and electricity (note: only highly-trained professionals should be using vice grips with live wires).

Vice grips can be locked into position, which is important when working on plumbing, with wires, or when a makeshift handle is required to turn a machine or appliance on and off.

The three pliers we’ve included on our list all provided different functions but are all part of the Irwin Tool company. Known for their high-quality products, we also like that Irwin Tools provide lifetime guarantees for their products. Creating the first locking plier back in 1924, Irwin Tools have been a worldwide leader in the tool industry for decades and are still made in the same German town where the company was created almost 100 years ago.

Check out our three favorite vice grips from Irwin Tools below.

1. Irwin Vise-Grip Lineman Locking Pliers

Featuring a wire crimper, the 9.5” Irwin Tools Vise-Grip Lineman Locking Pliers has induction hardened cutting edges and can cut through nails, barbed wire, screws, and more. The Lineman Locking Pliers have a three-component molded grip that provides comfortable cushioning and control, a must-have when working with wires. Designed for professional construction and lineman use, the pliers come with a hook and lanyard system intended to be worn around the wrist or attached to coveralls to prevent drops.

Pros: The pliers feature a built-in fish tape puller and connector crimper, adding versatility to the tool. The extra rust-resistant coating adds to the lifetime of the pliers and makes them more durable.

Cons: Some customers found the pliers almost too heavy-duty and struggled when trying to strip thin wires.

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2. Irwin Tools Vise-Grip GrooveLock Pliers Set

The Irwin Tools Vise-Grip GrooveLock Pliers Set includes one 8-inch and one 10-inch locking plier with all-purpose v-jaws that can grip round, flat, square, and hexagon shapes.

Pros: The GrooveLock pliers can handle just about any shape, making them ideal for construction and home improvement jobs. The two sizes provide added versatility, with both pliers made with handles that feature multiple grooves for added comfort and better grip. The pliers include a press and slide button that quickly adjusts the lower jaw, making it twice as easy to fit than traditional groove joint pliers.

Cons: Some customers complained that the smaller set of pliers broke after a few uses.

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3. Irwin Tools Vise-Grip Curved Jaw Locking Pliers

Grip a variety of shapes from any angle with the Irwin Tools Vise-Grip Curved Jaw Locking Pliers, which include a classic trigger release that provides maximum strength locking force for a solid grip.

Pros: The Curved Jaw pliers are a versatile tool thanks to their added wire cutters feature. The pliers are made from high-grade heat-treated alloy steel, which means they’ll last for years. Quickly tighten and loosen the grip with the hex key adjusting screw, which provides adequate control. We like that the guarded release protects against accidental release.

Cons: Some customers found the pliers to be flimsy and noted that the teeth didn’t always line up.

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