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I’ve Never Been More Organized Since Getting a Dry Erase Board

An environmentally friendly alternative to paper, dry erase boards can be used repeatedly, making them a great replacement for times when users would normally make a note on a piece of paper and then discard it. We love dry erase boards for kids, with white boards making practicing writing, completing math exercises, practicing penmanship and playing games a fun exercise.

Dry erase boards also have many uses for adults. Incorporate them into game night when it’s time to quickly jot down an answer or play Pictionary. Hang a dry erase board next to the fridge and use it as a place to make notes for the next grocery store run. Add some lines and create a calendar to keep track of schedules. Create a chore list for roommates, keep a running tally monthly expenses, and have a dedicated place to leave your partner cute and sweet notes or cartoons every morning.

If you’re in an office or own a small business, dry erase boards are the perfect assistant for group brainstorming sessions or personal notes-to-self. We also like that dry erase boards can help small businesses cut down on the cost of printing menus or pamphlets, with a large dry erase board acting as the place to update customers on weekly deals, new menu items, current specials, holiday hours and more.

To use a dry erase board, you’ll need dry erase markers and we recommend these. As for boards, check out our three top picks below.

1. UnityStar Dry Erase Board

We love the UnityStar for classroom use, with the whiteboards measuring slightly larger than a standard A4 piece of paper and having safe, rounded edges. A perfect lap size for kids and adults, the whiteboards are ideal for practicing spelling and math, drawing, playing games and more.

Pros: Adults will like the whiteboards for jotting down quick notes and using it as a workout aid to record fitness numbers. UnityStar uses Masonite hardboard for a durable finish and the board can easily be wiped clean with the option to use soap and water for tough to erase markers.

Cons: Some customers found the boards arrived broken or chipped easily after minimal use.

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2. ARTEZA Small White Board

The ARTEZA gives users twice the writing space thanks to their double-sided design. Like the UnityStar, the ARTEZA measure 9 inches x 12 inches and are just slightly larger than an A4 piece of paper, making them a great size for kids and adults.

Pros: The ARTEZA are treated with a non-porous coating to ensure no bleeding or ghosting and we like that they come with 32 pen holders that can be attached to each board.

Cons: Some customers found the boards could bend when used on a lap and not a flat surface and noted that they wish the boards had a frame to cut down on messy hands.

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3. Post-it Tabletop Easel Pad With Dry Erase Panel

The Post-it is an easel-style whiteboard that stands up on any flat surface, great for use in group settings when a large number of people need to be able to see the whiteboard.

Pros: We like that the Post-it folds easily and has a carrying handle, perfect for transporting between meetings or classrooms. The easel measures 20 inches x 23 inches and comes with 20 sheets of paper and one dry erase board for added versatility in writing options.

Cons: Some customers found it challenging to write on the whiteboard and noted it felt flimsy when in easel-mode.

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