The 8 Best Pre-Packaged Survival Kits You Can Buy Right Now

best Pre-Packaged Survival Kits
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Having well-stocked emergency supplies is always a good idea — whether you’re camping, on a road trip or live in an area prone to certain natural disasters. The Coronavirus is also making many people nervous about survival during a pandemic, and while we don’t anticipate needing to hold up in our homes for weeks on end, it’s always good to be prepared. Not sure what to stock up on? We’ve got you.

Fortunately, we’ve searched high and low for the best survival kits on a budget. Whether you’re planning a camp out nearby or simply want to be stocked up in case or an emergency, here are eight survival kits to help keep you safe and secure.


1. Monoki First Aid Survival Kit


This huge kit includes almost anything you’d need in the case of an emergency survival situation, with 241 pieces of first aid equipment, medical trauma supplies and multipurpose survival tools. You’ve got everything from multi-functional pliers to a fire starter to first aid equipment so you can treat injuries faster and safer in an emergency while you wait for other help to come. Throw this in your car, office, kitchen or pack it in your pack on a backpacking trip for extra security.

Monoki First Aid Survival Kit Courtesy of Amazon


2. Everlit Emergency Survival Kit


A great kit to have on for camping, this survival kit was actually customized by U.S. veterans and comes with a handful of tactical must-haves, including a pocket knife, flashlight, wire saw, tactical pen and more. It’s a great kit to keep in the car.

Everlit Emergency Survival Kit Courtesy of Amazon


3. Ready America 70280 Emergency Kit


This two-person emergency kit has enough food and water to sustain two people for up to three days. With extra blankets, light sticks, safety gloves and more, it’s a great pack to have for new adventures.

Ready America 70280 Emergency Kit Courtesy of Amazon


4. WELL-STRONG Waterproof First Aid Kit


This first aid kid is waterproof and comes in a dry bag crafted from completely waterproof rip-stop vinyl fabric. The bag is not 100% sealed so don’t dunk it in any water, but it’s very effective in keeping out rain, sludge and other elements.

Throw your phone or camera in it for safe protection on a boat trip or have it in your car in case of a flash flood or other natural disaster. Your medical supplies and other instruments will stay clean and dry in case you have to use them.

WELL-STRONG Waterproof First Aid Kit Courtesy of Amazon

5. Rescue Guard Natural Disaster Survival Bag


This survival bag is designed for post-natural disaster survival with up to 12 days of emergency supplies all included in one backpack.

Inside you’ll find enough food for one person for six days or 72 hours of survival gear for two people. There’s a tent, ponchos, food, purified drinking water, a survival compass and thermal blankets.

Store this “bug out” bag somewhere safe and have peace of mind  just in case the unimaginable becomes reality.

Rescue Guard First Aid Kit Courtesy of Amazon

6. Redfora Complete Earthquake Emergency Kit


If you live in an earthquake-prone area, you know how nerve-wracking it can be. There’s not always a lot of warning or time to prepare for powerful quakes and we’ve all got to do our part to gather supplies just in case.

This kit from Redfora is a great start, built for three days of survival for two people including 3,600 calorie bars, 24 water pouches, purification tablets, an extended emergency first aid kit, hand crank flashlight and 30+ hour candle.

In the case of an earthquake many essential lifelines including water, power and food supplies may be unavailable, and with this kit you’ll have what you need to survive until systems are restored.

Redfora Earthquake Survival Kit Courtesy of Redfora

7. INEX Life Car Emergency Roadside Assistance Kit


While your car breaking down may not be as dangerous as a widespread natural disaster, it happens more frequently and depending on the road conditions could be more deadly. This potentially life-saving kit from INEX Life is designed to help you get back on the road sooner without a lot of delay.

It’s got crash warning triangles for warning other drivers, jumper cables for a quick start, a flashlight, window breaker, seat-belt cutter, highway warning vest and other emergency supplies.

If for some reason your car stops in the middle of the night, don’t risk reckless drivers not seeing you. Grab this kit and know you’re prepared for whatever you may face on the road.

INEX Life Car Emergency Roadside Assistance Kit Courtesy of INEX Life

8. Sustain Supply Co. Emergency Survival Kit


This survival kit is designed to get you through the first 72 hours after a natural disaster, as rescue crews work their way through the area to you. It’s equipped with enough food to last two people 72 hours, with an LED lantern, flashlight, fully stocked first aid kit, portable stove, and 12 servings of food.

Since power outages are one of the most common aftermath effects of natural disasters, this kit has plenty of light sources and fire starters to get you through while rescue efforts take place.

This large, durable backpack is water-resistant and designed to go with you if need be. Store a few additional items in the pockets, and grab this bag knowing you’ve got what you need to survive and will have enough nourishment to recuperate.

Sustain Supply Co. Emergency Pack Courtesy of Amazon