Every Car, Home and Office Should Have One of These Fire Extinguishers

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Fire extinguishers will be your first line of defense in the case of a fire in your home, car or place of business and will help ensure your family and co-workers remain safe. You probably already have smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms scattered throughout your home and/or office, so why not add some additional safety with a reliable fire extinguisher?

As it is important to equip your home with the right type of extinguisher, our picks are all class A, B, and C fire extinguishers which is ideal industry standard and the most common for home and office use. These extinguishers work on ordinary combustibles (Class A), flammable liquid spills (Class B) or fires involving live electrical equipment (Class C). In addition, it may help if your fire extinguisher is rechargeable (a.k.a. refillable) so that, rather than throwing them away after use, you can get them refilled. Another important tip is to know where to keep them – ideal placement in the home is one in the kitchen and one in the garage.

When it comes to choosing a fire extinguisher, there are a lot of options. We have listed a few of the best ones you can get online, to help you narrow down which is the best for you and your family.


1. Amerex B500 Fire Extinguisher

The Amerex Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher is suitable for use on Class A, B and C fires which include trash, wood, paper, liquids and gasses and electrical equipment. This fire extinguisher is suitable for professional and commercial use, is fitted with a pressure gauge that provides at-a-glance status and has an all-metal (aluminum) valve construction.

PROS:  This is a rechargeable unit and sturdy at five pounds.

CONS: It is recommended to have it professionally recharged and maintained which might not be so convenient.

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2. First Alert Fire Extinguisher

The First Alert Fire Extinguisher not only fights classes A, B and C fires but also can fight gasoline, oil and electrical equipment fires. A pressure gauge ensures the extinguisher is ready for use in any emergency situation and is ideal to put in any household location. It also features durable, all-metal construction, with a commercial-grade metal valve and trigger.

PROS: A mounting bracket is included to keep the unit secure and ready for fast reach.

CONS: This extinguisher is rechargeable, but needs to be done professionally.

Fire Extinguisher First Alert Image Courtesy Amazon


3. First Alert Tundra Fire Extinguishing Aerosol Spray

The First Alert Fire Extinguishing Aerosol Spray is easier to use than traditional fire extinguishers and discharges four times longer than regular extinguishers. This makes it ideal for fighting common household fires and it also provides 32 seconds of discharge to ensure the fire is out. The nozzle sprays a wide area, giving you greater control to put out a fire faster, and reviewers say it’s easy-to-use aerosol can and nozzle design is intuitive.

PROS: The Tundra spray is safe and easy to clean up and features a biodegradable formula – simply wipe away with a damp cloth.

CONS: There is no pressure gauge you can check to know whether the unit is still in good, working condition.

Fire Extinguisher First Alert Image Courtesy Amazon