The Best Gun Safes You Can Buy Online: Protect Your Investment and Your Family

best gun safes
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Gun ownership is continuing to increase in the United States. In 2020, Americans saw a new record for gun sales, with 22.8 million firearms purchased. To put that in perspective, the previous record was 16.7 million sales in 2016. Although sales dipped in 2021, numbers are still high, with 19.9 million guns sold in the United States last year. The increase in sales is due to several factors, but one of the most important things that all gun owners must do is ensure their firearms are always secure and inaccessible to anyone but those intended to have access. That means investing in the best gun safe.

The best gun safe serves several essential purposes. Not only does it protect some very important personal property, but it prevents that property from getting into the hands of individuals who may underestimate its very real dangers, such as children. In 2018, gun violence surpassed motor vehicle accidents as the leading cause of death among children and teens in the U.S., killing more youth than “cancer, pneumonia, influenza, asthma, HIV/AIDs, and opioids combined.” Keeping guns away from kids and teens is critical. Even in homes where children aren’t present, ensuring guns are secured in safes in the case of a break-in is a must for all gun owners.

What To Look For in a Gun Safe

All the safes included in our list can be wall-mounted or bolted to a wall. This is an important safety feature as it reduces the chance of someone stealing the entire safe and prying the unit open at another location. The best gun safes with several safety steps, including keypads, biometrics and keys are preferred, as are safes with alarms that will sound if too many incorrect codes are entered. We’ve also included safes that feature shelves and enough room to store ammunition to ensure all items are secured together and away from children and teens.

How We Chose the Best Safes

The gun safes included in our list are highly rated and come from reputable companies. They all have several security measures in place and useful features, including interior LED lights and alarms.

Whether you own a rifle or a handgun, live alone or in a home with young children, keeping guns secure and locked at all times is crucial to the safety of yourself and others.


The Best Gun Safes

In this article, we’re mostly concerned with large gun safes that can secure rifles and shotguns. We’ve included safes that can secure several weapons at a time, and many also include smaller storage spaces for handguns. If you are only looking for handgun safes, then we’ve also included a small collection of top-rated options below.


1. Steelwater Standard Duty 16 Long Gun Safe


For a safe that will keep rifles safe from children and intruders, there’s the Steelwater Standard Duty 16 Long Gun Safe. The newly redesigned safe offers 60 minutes of fire protection and has large 1.5” locking bolts connecting its 4.75” thick door. The safe can house up to 16 long guns and includes two shelves for added storage. An interior LED lighting system makes it easy to see the contents of the safe, which are secured with an EMP-proof electronic lock system and a double-bitted bypass key. At 305 pounds, the Steelwater is the heaviest safe on our list and can’t be carried away by intruders.

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2. BBRKIN Large Rifle Safe


The BBRKIN Large Rifle Safe packs in all of the essential elements. Its steel construction offers a no-pry door surface with both an electronic keypad and traditional key locks. If anyone tries to get access without the right code, an alarm sounds to warn the owner. The BBRKIN will hold up to five rifles or shotguns and includes a separate lockbox inside the safe to hold pistols, ammo, cash, and other valuables — all for less than $500.

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3. Langger Large Gun Safe


Wide and deep enough to hold five long guns with plenty of extra space for ammunition and handguns, the Langger Large Gun Safe puts its beef to use with a steel frame and pry-resistance door edge. Depending on the length of the rifles or shotguns the owner uses, the Langger includes a removable storage shelf that can adapt the safe’s interior to hold more valuables. Guns remain securely locked away using the digital keypad; an alarm will sound if the incorrect code is entered more than five times. The Langger also features pre-drilled holes and mounting equipment to make it easy for customers to secure the safe to a wall.

Langger Courtesy of Amazon

4. RPNB Rifle Safe


With a width of fewer than 14 inches, the RPNB Rifle Safe is one of the slimmest gun safes on the market — while remaining tall enough and deep enough to hold five long guns. That thin profile also allows for a separate storage box to hold a handgun and other valuables. Made of steel and locked with a side bolt mechanism accessed by a three to eight-digit code, the safe allows for a double lock with included keys.

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The Best Handgun Safes

If you primarily need to secure smaller weapons, then you’ll want smaller biometric safes to keep your firearm secure. Below, you’ll find some of the best handgun safes for sale in 2022.


1. awesafe Gun Safe


The awesafe gun safe has a solid steel construction to keep your weapons safe and secure. Once opened, the interior has a soft LED light to allow clear sight even in the dark.  In terms of security, you can lock and unlock this handgun safe via key code or thumbprint. It’s lightweight, which means guns can be secured even when traveling. Finally, a gas strut provides for a silent opening in case you need to access the gun without alerting anyone else in the vicinity.

Awesafe Courtesy of Amazon


2. Vaultek VT20i Biometric Pistol Safe


Like all of the best handgun safes, the Vaultek VT20i has a biometric keypad. Once unlocked, the door opens automatically, and the backlit keypad lets you gain access in the dark. Likewise, a built-in light in the safe’s interior lets you find your handgun even at night. If you’re looking for a smart gun safe, this device also features an app that lets you check battery levels and the status remotely. We should note that this safe must be charged.

handgun safe vaultek Courtesy of Amazon

3. BBRKIN Biometric Gun Safe for Pistols


The BBRKIN Biometric handgun safe is constructed with reinforced steel and offers multiple ways to secure your weapons. You can choose from biometrics via thumbprint, use a key code or rely on a physical key. And if you want maximum security, you can require all three methods in order to unlock the safe. Thick padding inside the safe provides protection against scratches and there is also an interior LED light and backlit keypad. The BBRKIN is finished with a corrosion-resistant powder coating and has built-in hinges and an internal safety bracket for added security.

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