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These Safety Glasses Will Keep You Safe and Looking Good, Literally

There isn’t much explanation needed as to why you should wear protective eyewear if you work in hazardous settings. Eyes are as important as they are sensitive, so protecting them is paramount. If you’re a hobbyist or you work in construction, protective eyewear can save you a costly and potentially catastrophic trip to the hospital. But like any tool, the kind of safety glasses you choose will depend largely on the kind of work you’re going to be doing. Fortunately, there’s tons of variety in protective eyewear for pretty much any kind of work you might be doing, whether that’s yard work, working with heavy machinery, or using harmful chemicals.

The only problem with that level of variety is that it can be hard to know what kind of eyewear you’ll need. That’s why we’ve rounded up a few different kinds of safety eyewear. They include glasses with side shields, which protect from hazardous objects that might strike from your periphery. Also featured on this list are goggles, which offer a greater level of protection from potential injury at all angles. Plus, there are options that fit over your glasses, so you can be protected while still being able to see what you’re doing.

These are some of the best safety goggles available for any kind of job.

1. NoCry Safety Wrap-Around Lenses

These glasses have a wrap-around design, meaning they curve around the angle of your eyes and face. This provides protection against potential injury from a variety of angles. The double-coated lenses are designed to resist fogging, and they’re untinted. The temples and nose pieces are adjustable, allowing for a comfortable and secure fit, no matter your face shape. The ends have soft rubber pads, which make them more grippy than other kinds of glasses. And even though the glasses are untinted, they have UVA and UVB protection, so you’ll be protected when working outside.

Pros: Adjustable temples and nose pads offer a comfortable and universal fit. UVA and UVB protection means that even though they’re clear, you’ll still be protected when working outside.

Cons: They are fog resistant, but not 100% fog proof. Not ANSI Z87.1 standard.

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2. Dewalt Reinforcer Rx-Bifocal Safety Glasses

DeWalt is one of the top manufacturers of power tools and equipment, so it’s no surprise that they make the accessories needed to safely to use those tools. These glasses are bifocals, so they’re great for people with weaker eyesight. The bifocal options range from 1.0 to 3.0. They have a wraparound style, meaning your line of sight won’t be obstructed by obtrusive goggles. The temples have rubber pads for comfort and a secure hold, and the soft rubber piece makes them comfortable for extended wear.

Pros: Good for those who need glasses for safety and reading, the wraparound design provides protection without obstructing line of sight. Clear lenses that offer UV protection. Glasses come with a protective sleeve.

Cons: Bifocal portion is somewhat small and low on the lens.

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3. Uvex by Honeywell Hypershock Safety Glasses

These affordable glasses are available in a ton of different colors and coatings. You can choose between black frames, brown frames, and clear frames, and there are various options of lenses themselves. That means that whether you need a darker lens for working outside in the sun or a clear one for indoor use, Honeywell will have an affordable pick for you. The lenses are coated to resist fogging and scratching. They also have UVA/UVB protection.

Pros: Available in a wide variety of colors and tints, coated to resist scratches and fogging, also coated for UV protection. Sporty look.

Cons: Might be a little snug for some.

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4. DEWALT Concealer Safety Goggles

If you need serious eye protection, these goggles from DeWalt are a good pick. They completely cover the eyes, including above and below. They have ventilation which reduces fogging up and allows for long-term comfort. They’re available in either a clear or smoke lens. Like most goggles, they have an elastic headband instead of arms, ensuring a secure fit on the face. Additionally, they provide UV protection.

Pros: Good option if you need full protection from all angles. Plus, even though they completely cover the eyes, they can still be worn over prescription glasses.

Cons: Can fog up.

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5. MAGID Iconic Safety Glasses with Side Shields

For safety goggles that don’t scream “safety goggles,” this option has a classic wayfarer shape. But they also have small inserts below the arms to protect the eyes on the sides. They come in a few different orientations, including clear, amber, blue-blocking, and grey. There are also a couple of bifocal options. The temple pads are made from a soft material, making them comfortable enough to wear for extended periods. This Amazon listing also makes it easy to order in bulk, up to 144 pairs. That’s perfect if you manage a worksite or you’re just really, really prone to losing glasses.

Pros: Classic, retro look while still offering protection. Available in various lens colors, including clear, ambler, and blue-blocking. Includes a soft carrying case to protect the glasses.

Cons: They can fog up somewhat.

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6. Pyramex Clear Safety Reader Glasses

A good option if you frequently find yourself having to switch glasses are these readers/safety glasses. You can choose between 1.5 and 2.0 readers, and the glasses are available with clear or black frames. You can also choose between clear or tinted lenses. The soft nose pads make them comfortable enough to wear for extended periods, and the lenses are coated to be scratch, fog, and UV resistant.

Pros: Good option for those who need readers as well as safety glasses, available in various lens and frame colors. They also provide UV protection.

Cons: Might be loose fitting for some.

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7. NoCry Over-Glasses Safety Glasses

Just because you need to wear safety glasses, doesn’t mean you have to swap out your regular optical glasses for contacts. These glasses are designed to fit around your optical glasses, so you can see clearly while you protect yourself. In addition to protecting your eyes from exterior damage, they protect them from internal damage with a UV coated lens. The arms are adjustable for a customized fit. It’s worth noting that, in order to protect your prescription glasses from scratches, it’s important to ensure there is space between them and the safety glasses.

Pros: Good option for glasses-wearers, adjustable arms for a customized fit. Lenses offer UV protection while working outside, without creating visual distortion. ANSI and OSHA certified.

Cons: They can potentially scratch prescription glasses, so you need to ensure that the two lenses don’t touch when wearing them.

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