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Avoid Getting Sick With the Addition of These Versatile Surgical Masks

Surgical masks are intended and designed for general-purpose infection control and to help prevent the spread of airborne illness. While they are typically associated with hospitals, operating rooms and most medical facilities in general, you may also spot them sprinkled in an airport, nail or beauty salon as well.

You do not have to be in the medical field to wear and/or buy these masks and below we have listed some of the best ones that are durably made and easily accessible. These disposable surgical masks are all made from three layers of materials and protection (leak-proof non-woven fabric, a high-density filter layer, and a direct contact skin layer) that offers a high filtration rate and protection from airborne particles at an average of 99% efficiency.

In addition to the prevention of viral infections, these masks can and should be worn for everyday tasks to protect from dust, bacteria, smoke, pollen, and pollution. These surgical masks are also made from soft materials making breathing comfortable, have a universal fit that is easy to take on and off, and are made with soft, elastic earloops that help eliminate pressure to the ears, making for an all-over comfortable experience.

1. DraMedic Comfort Face Masks

DraMedic’s Comfort Face Masks offer a high filtration rate and protection from airborne particles at an average of 99% efficiency. Designed for general purpose infection control, these masks are comfortable to wear and offer 3-ply construction which also helps to filter up to 99 percent of bacteria exhaled by the wearer. These masks are also easy to take on and off, are soft and odorless and give users a cooler, more comfortable performance than many other designs available.

Pros: These are designed for universal sizing to cover the nose and mouth area while the full-length aluminum nosepiece helps provide a perfect fit every time.

Cons: There are no options to tie behind the head.

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2. Pruk Surgical Disposable Face Masks

The Surgical Face Mask by Pruk is designed with comfortable, high and soft elastic earloops that eliminate pressure to the ears while the inner layer is made of soft tissue-like material that has no dyes and is gentle to the skin. If worn correctly, these masks can protect from pollution, fluids, and dust and can work at nail salons, medical and dental offices and those with severe allergies.

Pros: These masks can also help decrease the transmission of the flu.

Cons: Excessive pulling of the side strings may result in breakage during wear.

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3. PacingMed Disposable Face Mask

PacingMed’s Disposable Face Mask features three layers of non-woven fabric, making it suitable for allergic and sensitive skin. A comfortable inner liner helps these masks conform to your face for a secure, fluid-resistant fit while making them easier to breathe through. Optimized features include high-quality soft elastic and adjustable earloops that are comfortable while an adjustable and flexible metal nose piece helps it to fit a variety of face shapes and sizes.

Pros: These masks have been lab-tested, FDA approved and registered.

Cons: If you suffer from severe allergies or a compromised immune system, a stronger mask may be preferred.

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