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Price Drop Alert: The #1 Best-Selling Pepper Spray on Amazon Is Now Just $7.24

Sabre is one of the best-known self-defense companies, and SPY has tested many of their most popular products for our guide to the best self-defense weapons.

Today, Amazon dropped the price on its Sabre Pepper Spray Keychains. For a limited time, these pepper sprays keychains are now just $7.24 each.

We actually recommend purchasing pepper spray products in doubles, as it’s smart to practice using these devices in a controlled environment so that you’re ready to use them in an emergency. That way, you can keep one at home for practice and take the other on the go. Not only are these pepper sprays the #1 best-selling product in their category, but Sabre pepper sprays are at the top of the list of SPY’s favorite self-defense keychains because they’re compact, made with trustworthy materials and easy to use.

SPY has tested this exact product previously, and at this price point, they’re definitely worth investing in.

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What Makes the Sabre Pepper Spray Keychain a Great Deal

The Sabre Pepper Spray Keychain is the #1 best-selling self-defense spray on Amazon and has 4.7 stars from nearly 90,000 customer reviews. Pepper spray is a great self-defense tool to help make you feel safe and prepared in any situation, and Sabre’s keychain version makes it easy to carry around. The SPY team has tested Sabre pepper spray products for ourselves, and they didn’t disappoint.

Here are some great reasons to shop this deal:

  • SPY tested + approved for security
  • Over 25% off their original price — now just $7.24 each
  • Instant savings of $5
  • Get something for less than $15 that was once almost $20
  • Includes links to free training videos and safety tips
  • Choose from a variety of colors

What We Love About These Sabre Pepper Spray Keychains

Sabre is a company founded by a self-defense expert, and makes tools designed for keeping you safe in your everyday life. Whether it’s their quick release functions, compact sizes or safety features — Sabre products are some of the most trustworthy we’ve found in this product category. We even sat down with David Nance, the CEO of Sabre earlier this year to discuss strategies for how to defend yourself against a violent attack.

The keychain sprays from Sabre are easy to take on-the-go and are made with a quick-release key ring for added safety. In cases of emergency, the spray can be detached and ready to use in just seconds. Its ergonomic finger grip is intuitive and easy to grasp which enhances aim and allows you to remain focused on the threat. With a 10-foot range and 25 bursts for repeated protection against multiple threats, plus free training materials, the Sabre Pepper Spray Keychain equips you with everything you’ll need to maximize your personal safety. We recommend keeping one spray at home for practice, and carrying the other with you on the go.

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