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This $10 Multi-Tool Is Smaller Than a Poker Chip and Performs 18 Different Functions

* Coin-sized tool with 18 different functions
* Easy to use and store for travel or emergencies
* Great for bike rides and outdoor adventures

Next time somebody calls you or your generation a “snowflake,” think of this humble, yet supremely useful tool. Fashioned in the shape of a snowflake, this multi-tool is only two inches in diameter, roughly the size of a poker chip, yet packs 18 different useful functions.

Made of heat-treated steel, it comes with a bottle opener, Phillips head and flat head screwdriver bits, 2, 4, 5, and 6 mm Allen wrenches, a box cutter, a 1/4 inch end wrench, several metric end wrenches and more. It may not be the largest tool in the shed, but as a pocketable and reliable multi-tool with no moving parts, its an easy no-brainer to include in your travel kit.

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The snowflake multi tool especially comes in handy on bike rides, where its small size makes it easy to carry even if you barely have pockets. It also packs some of the most commonly used wrench sizes for cycling. Plus, the snowflake can be as useful at parties as it can at work, as it includes an effective bottle opener, too.

Originally designed as a snowboarding tool– hence the shape, possibly– this tiny and uniquely useful multitasker quickly caught on for everyday carry purposes. It goes well as a keychain tool, and if you’re the type who clips your keys to your belt loops or bag, the snowflake tool’s style goes naturally with that of carabiners as well.

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