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10 Essential Woodworking Tools for Anyone New To This Satisfying Craft

Woodworking is a trade that has existed since the beginning of time, and it’s becoming a popular hobby for men who would rather work with their hands than watch TV all day. As this craft has evolved throughout the centuries, so have the tools and techniques used. It is a very satisfying activity and a great way to keep your hands and brain active. When it comes to woodworking tools, there are several options to choose from, but there are two key categories: hand tools powered by your muscles and power tools that use an external power source. 

Below, we’ll share a selection of the most essential woodworking tools, with both hand tools and power tools suitable for beginners.

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Hand Tools 

Woodworking itself is an art and using manual tools helps you achieve results that give you the sense and pride to say “I did that with my own hands.” There are hundreds of hand tools to choose from but some of the most essential are hammers, hand saws, and chisels. 

Power Tools 

Power tools have made woodworking more efficient, have expanded what’s possible to accomplish, and have reduced the time it takes to achieve results. Power tools come in all sizes, from handheld tools like power drills and routers to large tools that are in place in a workbench shop, such as a planner, a jointer, and a miter saw. These tools for sure will give you the chance to create some cool stuff in less time.

Whether you are a DIYer, a carpenter, or you want to get into building your own furniture with wood—these woodworking tools are a must-have and a great addition to your tool arsenal. 

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Estwing Hammer 


One of the best companions to other woodworking hand tools is a good hammer. And that’s why this Estwing straight rip claw hammer is the right choice for all kinds of woodworking projects. It is lightweight, has a smooth face and handle, and is made in the USA. 

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Japanese Ryoba Pull Saw  


The Japanese Ryoba Saw has become a must-have for finish carpenters and DIYers alike when it comes to woodworking. The reason why is because it provides precise and accurate cuts with the least effort in comparison to its counterpart, traditional push saws. Plus, it has a double edge, is made out of Japanese steel, is DIYer friendly, and is super comfortable to use. 

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Hurricane 4-Piece Wood Chisel Set 


Whether you need a new chisel or are looking to upgrade your existing ones, this Hurricane Chisel Set is going to make a great addition to your woodworking tool collection. It comes with four different chisels sizes varying from one-quarter of an inch to one inch. They are durable, made out of forge steel, and can be used with different types of wood, including soft, hard, and even laminated wood products. 

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Irwin Quick-Grip Clamps 


If you are new to woodworking you will soon realize how convenient it is to have a nice set of clamps, especially when putting a couple of pieces together and if you are a pro, you know what I am talking about. This set of four clamps is compact, will protect your creation from scratches, and is easy to use. 

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Makita Compact Kit Router 


A router is one of the most versatile woodworking tools you can have. It can make cuts, patterns, groves, and more. This Makita Compact Router will be your best friend for all of your woodworking creations. It is powerful, compact, smooth, and comes with a plunge base to make the most out of it. 

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Makita KP0800K 3-¼” Planer


A planer plays a key role when it comes to precise measurement, especially in furniture making since it helps make all wood sizes even. The corded Makita Planer is top-rated, easy to use, can be hand-held, and has a power of 17,000 revolutions per minute (RPM). 

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DEWALT 15 Amp Corded 12 in. Miter Saw 


A favorite among woodworkers from framers to finish carpenters, this DEWALT Miter Saw is a gem. Its powerful engine delivers 3,800 RPM, collects more than 75% of the dust produced, and is versatile, compact, and easy to operate. Plus, the price won’t break the bank. 

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Courtesy of Home Depot

WEN Benchtop Drill Presser 


A drill press allows you to perforate perfect holes into wood and other materials like plastic. If you are a hardcore woodworker, you definitely need this affordable Wen Drill Presser. It comes with five different speeds, comes with a beveling worktable, and will fit nicely on your workbench. 

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WEN Mini Benchtop Wood Lathe 


A lathe rotates a piece of wood and allows you to carve or remove any access to wood and give the shape or form you want. Now, if you are just getting started and want to try creating your own mini pieces of wood art, this Wen Mini Wood Lathe will fit the bill. It can hold a piece of wood of up to 12 inches, runs between 750 to 3,200 RPM, and is user-friendly. 

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WEN Spiral Benchtop Jointer with Extendable Table 


If you are ready to step up your game in woodworking, you need this Wen Jointer. It comes with a powerful engine, an expandable table, support arms, and a 16-blade spiral cutting system to get the best and smoothest finish results. This is a great first jointer for beginners. 

WEN Spiral Benchtop Jointer with Extendable Table