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This $20 Critter Catcher Protects You From Insects Without Killing Them in The Process

* Don’t be scared of pesky insects ever again
* This device safely catches and removes all types of bugs
* Easy to use and works like a charm

My Critter Catcher might be one of the best tools for removing and discarding all types of common bugs you typically find in and around your home. From spiders, beetles and moths to roaches and bees, no insect or critter is safe.

My Critter Catcher combines a long, squeezable handle with a patented soft bristle end that works to gently surround and enclose the critter, rendering it unable to escape. Once caught, you can quickly and easily catch and release it outside, no matter where in the house they were spotted.

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When using the Critter Catcher, you can feel safe and comfortable knowing you will have no direct contact with the bugs (you will be about four long feet away), thus no screaming or squeamish feelings are necessary. And you can feel good knowing the process is quick, clean, uses no harmful chemicals and the bugs remain unharmed. Plus, isn’t it better to simply catch and release these little critters outside? No fuss, no mess, no stress.

100% eco-friendly, battery and chemical free, this tool is easy for eveyone in the family to use, leaving you with a happier and healthier home.


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