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Update: The Home Depot 12-Foot Skeleton Just Got Restocked For Halloween 2022

Updated on September 26 at 3:00 p.m. ET: We’ve been hounding The Home Depot about when the popular 12-Foot Giant Skeleton would be restocked for Halloween 2022, and as of this writing, this product is back in stock at the retailer’s online store. If you’ve been trying to get your hands on this viral Halloween decoration, then this is your chance. We recommend ordering yours before the price gougers do!

In July 2022, The Home Depot announced their new 2022 Halloween decoration lineup, and (not surprisingly) Skelly, their infamous 12-foot tall skeleton, is back for Halloween. Of course, Skelly sold out immediately once supplies went online. The Home Depot’s updated Home Accents collection also includes an “Inferno Pumpkin” edition of the skeleton, but that’s sold out as well.

Unfortunately for decorators, The Home Depot 12-foot skeleton has been almost impossible to find (unless you’re willing to contend with price gouger on eBay or Amazon) for the past few months. However, we’re excited to announce that he’s back in stock for a limited time.

If you love this oversized Halloween decoration as much as we do, now’s the time to take your shot, because we fully expect him to sell out in a matter of hours. Below, you can read our original article on this giant skeleton decoration, as well as updated details on similar products from The Home Depot and other retailers. For the latest details on where to buy The Home Depot’s 12-Foot Skeleton for Halloween 2022, read on!


12-Foot Giant Skeleton With Lifeeyes LCD Eyes


This is the original giant skeleton from The Home Depot, and it’s the decoration that launched a thousand tweets. Just like in years past, Skelly comes with animated LCD eyes for a creepy effect indoors and out, and his gargantuan size is the perfect centerpiece for any Halloween decor setup. He’s 12 feet tall, 6.41 feet wide and can operate using four C batteries or via an AC adapter plug-in, a feature that’s new for 2022.

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Courtesy of The Home Depot


Where Can I Buy The Home Depot 12-Foot Skeleton?

The 12-Foot Skeleton is a The Home Depot exclusive, and it’s part of the home improvement retailer’s seasonal Home Accents collection. If you’re wondering where to buy the 12-Foot Skeleton online, we’re happy to share that’s he’s now available online at The Home DepotYou can order him to be delivered and picked up to your local store, or delivered directly to your home for delivery just in time for Halloween. Technically, you can find people reselling this product on sites like Amazon and eBay, though often at a significant markup.

Skelly also has a large inferno-pumpkin-head friend who was announced in 2021 as a companion to Skelly, and while Skelly is available again, his friend is still sold out for now. We’ll be sure to update you if and/or when he’s available again as well.

In 2020, when the gargantuan skeleton (nicknamed “Skelly” by The Home Depot staff) first went on sale, the delightfully, frightfully oversized Halloween decoration went viral in a big way. And just like this year, these skeletons never stayed in stock for very long. (Keep scrolling for a collection of giant skeletons and oversized Halloween decorations from The Home Depot’s latest collection that are available).


Avoid Price Gougers, If Possible

Right now, resellers on Amazon are selling both the 12-foot skeleton and 12-foot pumpkin skeleton, but we can’t speak to their quality, and these third-party sellers have jacked up the prices by 200-300%, which we definitely don’t encourage. The normal retail price for the giant Home Depot skeletons is already pretty steep, and after price gougers get their hands on them, they’re truly frightening. But, hey, the Halloween heart wants what it wants. If you can’t find one at your local The Home Depot store, and you can’t get one delivered, Amazon might be a viable last resort, but we encourage you to vet the reseller as closely as possible.

In addition to Skelly, there are many other new Halloween decorations from The Home Depot worth checking out, including a floating witch, giant werewolf and all the inflatables your heart desires. We’ve included our top giant skeleton picks below, as well as links for buying Skelly’s inferno friend whenever he’s restocked on Amazon.

Check Giant Skeleton Prices on Amazon


12-Foot Giant-Sized Inferno Pumpkin Skeleton Lifeeyes LCD Eyes

This giant skeleton is similar to his regular Skelly brethren, with a few gory updates including spindly fingers, an evil pumpkin head and a fiery inferno chest. The Inferno Pumpkin Skeleton is slightly more expensive, with a price tag of $349 instead of $299.

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Courtesy of The Home Depot


When Will The Home Depot’s Skelly Be Restocked?

As of September 256, The Home Depot has restocked Skelly, and we encourage you to purchase it now if you’ve been waiting. We expect he’ll sell out again soon.


What Makes The Home Depot’s 12-Foot Skeleton So Popular?

Note: The quotes below are from an interview between and The Home Depot team in 2021, but we believe many of the points made are still pertinent during this year’s Halloween decoration season. 

At a recent event previewing the company’s fall and winter products, we talked with The Home Depot’s Decorative Holiday Merchant Lance Allen. When asked why he thought the giant skeleton made such a splash when it was first announced, he told us that “With most people at home during the 2020 Halloween season, the sight of the 12 ft Giant-Sized Skeleton brought a smile to people’s faces when they needed it the most, in addition to absolutely wowing them.”

“It was such a statement piece for the Halloween enthusiasts who weren’t afraid to go the extra mile,” Allen said. “The Home Depot was also the leader in bringing this type of unique innovation to consumers, so it was a new way to decorate that no one had seen in the category before.”

Below, we’ve got all the details on where to buy the famous 12-foot skeleton from Home Depot, as well as our original article on this spooky decoration’s viral fame. We’ve also got a few skeletons that are in stock and available for purchase, since the Skellys are currently unavailable.

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Courtesy of The Home Depot

Why Did The Home Depot Bring Back The 12-Foot Tall Skeleton?

So why did The Home Depot decide to create a new, updated version of the gargantuan skeleton? Allen explained that “There was such excitement around the 12 ft Giant-Sized Skeleton last year, and people were using it for various holidays besides Halloween, so we thought we would bring it back! The original has so many fans and we didn’t want to change it, but we knew from a design and innovation standpoint, that we had to take it to the next level and create a new piece.”

Hence, the inferno chest and giant pumpkin head.

I also asked Allen what Spy readers and The Home Depot customers should know about this new, upgraded Skelly. He noted that “This year’s new 12 ft Giant-Sized Inferno Pumpkin Skeleton has LifeEyes™ LED eyes to illuminate the fire within him. We also integrated LED light panels into the chest and mouth to really show who the king of the rotten pumpkin patch is. We also wanted to give customers the flexibility to design two unique scenes with different pieces — Grave and Bones and Rotten Patch.” (The Grave and Bones being the old Skelly, and Rotten patch being his new, gourd-adorned friend.)

“We put a lot of thought into our design and we think our lineup is innovative, fun, and quite spooky. Our goal is to always offer memorable, show-stopping pieces… We can’t wait to see what creative things people do with our décor this Halloween season and beyond!” said Allen.

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More Giant Skeletons & Decorations To Terrorize the Neighborhood

While the original big boy may currently be sold out, there are many other decorations from The Home Depot’s 2022 Halloween decoration collection worth checking out. They’re clearly leaning into the giant decoration trend, and we’re all for it. We’ve included some alternative skeletons, as well as giant monsters below that might not be Skelly, but will surely have the same effect on your neighbors if you’re going for the whole “terrifying” thing this year.

This year The Home Depot has a few different collections of top-notch decorations, including the Graves & Bones Collection as well as the Moonlit Magic Collection. They also have an entire section dedicated to giant Halloween decor, for the folks looking to go big and bold. Below, you’ll find some of our favorites from each collection, including more posable skeletons with glowing eyes.

15-Foot Towering Phantom Halloween Animatronic

If big if what you’re going for, and you can’t get your hands on Skelly, this 15 Foot Phantom is not a bad option. There are LED lights in his head and body that change colors, and he’s built with a weather-resistant construction so unpredictable fall weather shouldn’t be an issue. He’s built with animatronic movements and shrieking sounds to terrify passersby, and the tattered clothing blows eerily in the wind.

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Courtesy of The Home Depot


9.5-foot Animated Immortal Werewolf Halloween Animatronic

Can you say Thriller vibes? This werewolf comes with animatronic movements in his jaw, head and eyes, as well as growling and snarling sounds to scare the neighborhood children! He’s 9 feet tall, so not quite as large as Skelly but still quite a presence in the yard, and features orange LEDs to enhance his nighttime creepiness.

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Courtesy of The Home Depot


6-Foot Rotten Patch LED Pumpkin Skeleton

This skeleton is about half the size of Skelly, but comes with a poseable body and ghoulish head and face that’s perfect for indoor or outdoor decoration. He has a mummified finish for added drama, and he’s got LCD eyes for a realistic, and scarier, look. You can adjust his hands, feet, arms and legs to the posture you prefer, and because he has a smaller stature he can fit in areas of the home Skelly can’t.

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Courtesy of The Home Depot


6-Foot Animated Illuminated Wizard

If you’re going for more of a mystical, magical vibe in your yard this year, this 6 foot wizard glows from his eyes and the orb in his hand, and comes with five creepy, mystical spells for a realism effect. A motion sensor activates the phrases, and the glowing LED lights light-up as the wizard speaks. The flowing, vibrant robes mean he’s most suited for indoor use, but can be used outdoors as well on a covered surface.

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Courtesy of The Home Depot


5-Foot Posable Skeleton With LED Eyes

This 5 Foot Posable Skeleton is a perfect medium-sized Halloween decoration that can be hung or set up indoors or outdoors. It comes with lifelike LED eyes and is battery-operated, so a plug and extension cord is unnecessary.

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Courtesy of The Home Depot


Editor’s Note: This story below was originally published in July 2020, when the original 12-foot-tall skeleton from Home Depot first went on sale. We’ve since made updates to announce his return, as well as the introduction of a new, scarier skeleton that’s been added to The Home Depot Halloween decorations lineup. Both skeletons are currently available via resellers on Amazon (at a much higher price), but we’ve included some worthwhile alternatives below. 

When we first saw Home Depot unveil its posable 12-foot-tall skeleton at an industry event earlier this year, we immediately knew two things: it was the perfect product for terrifying neighborhood children, and it was going to be the year’s hottest piece of Halloween decor. Well, we were right. Thanks to this skeleton’s newfound social media fame and creepy glowing eyes, it’s becoming harder to find as Halloween approaches.

So where can you buy this haunted accessory? Home Depot is currently sold out of this popular item, but you can check their website to see if it’s available for pick-up at a Home Depot Store near you. If you’re feeling lucky, you can enter your email address to be notified if and when it’s back in stock. However, the giant Home Depot skeleton isn’t the only oversized Halloween decoration for sale this year. Alternatively, you can purchase more spooky skeleton’s from the same collection, even if they’re not quite as intimidating.

The CDC may be discouraging trick-or-treating this year, but you can still decorate your house and enjoy Halloween candy at home. Below, you’ll find our original story on the posable Home Depot skeleton. We’ve also added some additional giant skeletons and decorations from the new Home Depot Graves & Bones Collection that are still in stock and available for purchase online.


Original Story Published on August 11, 2020:

Halloween is fast approaching and one Halloween activity that definitely isn’t canceled this year is decorating your house. Making your house into a spooky, creepy, crawly center of doom once a year is about as fun as it gets, and we know that the most dedicated decorators are always looking for ways to step up their game. Well, how about a 12-foot tall skeleton? That’ll do the trick.

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Courtesy of The Home Depot
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Courtesy of The Home Depot

This ginormous Halloween decoration from The Home Depot is one of their latest and greatest outdoor decoration creations that’s made to guard your house and scare away anyone not wearing a mask. It’s the perfect centerpiece for your whole decoration display and everyone in the neighborhood will be able to see it.

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Courtesy of The Home Depot

The giant Home Depot skeleton has animated LCD eyes for creating the creepiest effect and can actually be used indoors or outdoors — if you can fit it inside your house. The eyes light up with LEDs and all it takes is four C batteries to operate, so you don’t have to worry about connecting a cord. It does take about 90 minutes to set up with two people due to its size, but it breaks down into smaller parts so storage is relatively simple.

Go above and beyond this year with your decor and supersize the scare outside of your front door with this 12-foot-tall skeleton that’s sure to delight, impress and freak out anyone who passes by.