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Supportive Stationery: 6 Pieces to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

* Handy items to keep you motivated and focused on your 2018 goals
* Pieces include a delightfully offensive travel mug, a calendar and a laptop sleeve
* Ideal as gifts to wish friends and family a happy new year

Let’s be honest, New Year’s resolutions are tough to keep, even in the best of times. Whether it’s that last piece of cake that “needs” to be eaten or a cold snap of weather that means this week’s venture outdoors is put on hold, you’ll need tons of motivation to stick with your 2018 goals.

For that, each one of these 6 motivation-filled items will help you stay on track for a successful year. These stationery items include computer stickers, a badass nameplate and a calendar that delivers uplifting monthly messages.

1. Society6 Cat Sticker

If you’re a cat person, you know this sticker comes from truth. Not only will this fun adhesive allow everyone to see that you love your furry friend, it’s also motivation to stay on course and achieve everything you want for you (and your cat) in the coming year. Ideal for attaching to a laptop or notebook, the sticker is super simple to apply with a peel and stick application. Plus, it’s produced with an eco solvent printer and inks.

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2. Girl Boss Nameplate

A nameplate with your name on it can say a lot to those around you, but this poignant sign gives guests an idea as to just who you are. Housed in metallic aluminum framing, the Girl Boss Nameplate is great for ladies who take charge in life, showing everyone how it’s done. Whether this is a gift for your boss or even your girlfriend who wears the pants in the relationship, this fun nameplate will give all the ladies confidence for 2018.

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3. Society6 “She Believed She Could, So She Did” Notebook

This motivational notebook is ideal for reminding yourself that positivity is the key to everything. Every time you open or close the book, you’ll see the famous R.S. Grey quote, which implies that belief comes before success. The simple notebook is filled with 52 pages of lined or unlined pages. And it can be used as a study book, a diary or even a place to keep track of your daily errands.

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4. Best Year Ever Calendar

Is there any better motivation than 12 different messages delivered to you throughout the year through a wall-hanging calendar? The Best Year Ever Calendar offers monthly mottos like “You make it rain rainbows,” “Forever starts now,” and “Do more of what makes you happy” to keep you focused on what’s to come. Make this your most productive year ever with these motivational phrases in mind.


5. Society6 Get Sh*t Done Travel Mug

Blunt and to the point, this Society6 mug cuts out the unnecessary and keeps you focused on the prize. The plain and simple “Get Sh*t Done” message is great for the office (assuming you don’t work in a church) or at home. It’s sure to help you stay on course for completing your 2018 goals. Plus, the message is something that will get you going as you begin your daily commute or sit down for your morning cup of joe.

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6. Society6 “Don’t Panic” Laptop Sleeve

Your 2018 is probably going to get tough at times, but this Society6 laptop sleeve is here to keep you calm. Sporting a large lettered, “Don’t Panic” message across the cover’s face, this sleek and stylish sleeve could become your best friend when hard times appear. The sleeve features a beautiful vibrant design with a star-filled background. And it’s finished with a super soft interior as well as YKK zippers.

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