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I Can’t Believe These Modern-Looking Sofa Beds Are All Under $300

* Modern and stylishly designed sleep sofas
* You’d never guess that some of these are futons
* Summer season = guest season

With the summer season in full swing, you’re bound to have a few visitors passing through, so it may be time to upgrade that inflatable mattress for something a little more humane and stylish. After all, it might not just be guests sleeping on these sleep sofas. Here are 5 of the best sleep sofas we’ve found under $300.

1. DHP Emily Convertible Couch

Futons get a bad rap and for the most part, they deserve it. But the Emily from DHP Futons looks nothing like one. Have you ever seen a tufted futon with modern chrome legs?


2. Best Choice Products Modern Entertainment Sofa

Here’s another futon, this time disguised as an executive-style number in black pleather with multi-angle reclining options and a fold-down arm rest with cup holders.


3. Divano Roma Mid Century Modern Tufted Linen Sofa

Divano Roma’s two-tone tufted sofa has something of a split personality with a splitback design, allowing you and your guests to relax in comfort at whichever angle you prefer.


4. Novogratz Brittany Sofa

Ribbed and tufted, Novogratz’s Brittany sofa comes in a MidMod-inspired mustard yellow linen that’s easy to clean and wipe down. The splitback design isn’t bad either.


5. Dariana Ash Sleeper Sofa

A no fuss option from Dariana with a splitback design that’s roughly the same size as a full-size bed when laid flat.

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