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Office Operative: 9 Things You Need for Your Modern Workspace

* Whether you work from home or in an office, your workplace should be as pleasant as possible
* Find new inspiration for desk, cubicle and office décor
* Stress-reducing and ergonomic furniture items to improve your health

For the majority of people in the workforce today, the office can often be a site of stress and exhaustion. To make your week as pleasant as possible, we’ve rounded up a list of nine office accessories, supplies and furniture that are sure to liven up your space, reduce work-related stress, and improve productivity.

Whether you work a traditional 9 to 5 or get to work from home, these helpful office additions will make getting the work done that much more enjoyable–and some will hopefully even improve your physical health too.

1. Glantop Magnetic Sculpture Desk Toy

If fidget spinners and stress ball toys seem a little infantile for your sophisticated eye, this sculptural magnetic desk toy will make a great alternative for getting rid of boredom and reducing stress. Doubling as an attractive desk decoration, this magnetic “toy,” promises to help regain concentration and even help reduce tension from stress, while helping to improve your patience and focus.

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2. Under Desk Foot Hammock

While this isn’t quite as wonderful as a mini bed for naps under your desk, this may be the next best thing. This foot hammock will keep you comfortable and may even help to reduce lower back aches caused by sitting for extended periods of time. Simply hook the hammock on the side of the desk and you’re good to go. It’s just like getting upgraded to the exit row on your flight, except in your office.

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3. Portable Mini Fridge

Sick of dealing with the office’s overcrowded communal fridge? If you’re sick of your snacks getting stolen without knowing, consider investing in your own personal mini fridge. Sized to fit most desktops, this fridge actually holds up to six cans, but will also keep your yogurt, cheese, or lunchtime leftovers nice and cool.


4. Rose Gold Desk Accessories

Nothing livens up your cubicle or home office space like pretty desk accessories. These on-trend rose gold and acrylic desk topper and

will look lovely and help keep you organized. We’d also like to think that chic accessories will somehow bring on more motivation and productivity.

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5. Calming Lavender Hand Sanitizer

Unfortunately, offices tend to be pretty germ-laden. And, if you’ve ever worked in an office setting, you know that once one person gets sick, it seems like the whole office is out within the next week. To protect yourself against contracting illnesses and spreading germs, keep some of this all-natural lavender hand sanitizer at your desk. Plus, the lavender fragrance is known for having a calming effect in aromatherapy, so you’ll kill germs and stress with one product.


6. Gaiam Balance Ball Chairs

If you’re sick of feeling lethargic all day, try investing in an office chair that will work your abs just by sitting in it. That’s right, this chair has a balance fitness ball as the seat, so to keep straight your abdominal muscles and hip flexors will be engaged as you work. Even more importantly, sitting for long periods of time day end and day out can wreak havoc on your back and spine. This cuts down on spinal compression and will even help improve your posture too.


7. Desk Top Succulents

Adding decoration to your work space can help you feel more comfortable and brighten your mood. Plants and botanical decor have a particularly calming effect on the mood for many, but unfortunately they can be problematic in the office due to upkeep and bugs. Succulents are an excellent choice for an indoor plant because they require very little maintenance and won’t aggravate allergies. This brass prism case will hold your succulent plants beautiful, adding a bit of organic charm to your desk.


8. Think Ink Stress Relief Fidget Pen

This stainless steel ballpoint pen is a triple threat. In addition to beautiful penmanship, this pen also transforms into a boredom-fighting fidget spinner toy or a squeezing stress relief device. Ditch the bulky, and now clichéd fidget spinner toy, and replace it with this sleek, grown-up version that looks discreet and interesting regardless of use.

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9. Five Days a Week Paper Mouse Pad

This 2-in-1 product helps keep you organized and on time while also keeping your mouse guided. This paper mouse pad was designed to help you schedule your busy workweek with plenty of space to pencil in meetings, phone calls and deadlines. You’ll have it handy at all times too–so you’ll never be late for your business lunch again.

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