Your Favorite 90s Toys and How to Get Your Hands on Them Again

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The 90s were an era full of children’s toys that were crazy, bizarre and a even a little scary at times, to say the least. I think we’re all scarred from Tickle Me Elmo gracing us with his laugh without warning. However, there were a great deal of 90s toys that were advanced for the time, and ones that usually had an educational, physical or creative benefit and were actually entertaining to play with.

From the Easy Bake Oven to Tamagotchi Virtual Pets to the Nintendo 64, here are 10 of the most popular toys from your childhood that you’ve been missing and how to get your hands on them once again — with no shame at all.

1. Etch A Sketch

The gateway toy to all aspiring and potential artists, the Etch a Sketch is a handheld, battery-less drawing device that uses knobs that go up, down, left and right. By turning the knobs, dark lines show up on the “magic screen” and also can be easily erased by shaking the device. It is a blessing and a curse, really, but incredibly addicting.

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2. Twister Moves Skip-It

Obviously the Skip-Its today, like this one, have become more advanced and modernized, but the toys are still fundamentally the same and do the same things. The Skip-It is one of the toys of the 90s that promoted physical activity, which is a pretty genius way to keep kids active, in shape and having fun while doing it.

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3. Doodle Bear

The Doodle Bear debuted in the mid-to-late 90s as the first teddy bear that can be drawn on with special markers and then washed to create a brand new canvas whenever the child so pleases. No more crying over getting your favorite teddy all marked up! Although they were discontinued in 2008, you can still buy them online from various retailers starting around $50.

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4. Easy Bake Oven

Easy Bake Ovens are still being made today and seemingly come out with a cool new feature with each release. Probably one of the coolest toys that made those using it feel like a mini adult, these oven were strong enough to bake cookies, pretzels and more with a single bulb and special mixes. It’s almost like you can taste the vanilla cake as you read this.

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5. Moon Shoes

I think you can agree that you remember the commercials for Moon Shoes better than the actual shoes themselves because of their exaggerated effects showing kids being able to bounce, like, really high. It was good advertising because so many kids wanted them after seeing it, and you were probably one of them. Lucky for you, they’re available on Amazon and could be at your door in just two days.

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6. Tamagotchi Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi virtual pets were first released in Japan in 1996 and the name literally stands for “egg watch,” which, when looking at the device itself, is very self explanatory. These digital pets need to be fed, given water, put to sleep and much more in order to survive, which very strategically teaches responsibility to the kids who owned one of these. Pretty genius.

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7. Bop It

The Bop It, developed by Hasbro Toys, was first released in 1996. The toy is designed as a multifunction, reaction-testing device that begins commanding you to do different actions by pressing the “bop it” button in the middle of the toy. Originally claiming the actions bop it, pull it and twist it, the toy eventually evolved to include “shout it” to add more difficulty. You truly will never seen kids concentrate harder than when playing Bop It.

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8. Nintendo 64

Nintendo’s third home gaming counsel, the Nintendo 64, hit the gaming scene in 1996 in Japan and eventually came to America in 1997. It has the option to attach four controllers for multi-player games like Super Mario or Mario Kart, a fan favorite that is still going strong today. You can snag this counsel starting around $100, and honestly, it’s a steal.

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9. Talkboy

Yes, it’s *the* tape recorder Kevin McCallister uses to finesse his way into the Plaza Hotel during his solo adventure in New York City in Home Alone 2. Although a little more pricey now because they are a novelty item, you can still snag these from various Amazon sellers at varying prices, and the majority of them still work, luckily.

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10. Furby

If you’re part of the small minority that actually liked the Furby phenomenon, then you’re in luck. These original design plush Furby toys are really pricey, however, because the manufacturers redesigned the Furby in 2012 to have LCD eyes and an interactive mobile app in an attempt to make them less creepy to all of us who still have nightmares. If you’re looking to splurge, look no further.

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