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Abstract Art: The Secret to Modern Home Decor

* 100% original wall painting from USA-based Dutch artist Larry Beiboer
* Large canvas abstract art using a neutral palette
* Great focal piece for bare walls in modern home

Created to provoke thought and enhance its surroundings, this original piece of art could be just what your blank wall needs. With an abstract design and use of a neutral color palette, the artist has intentionally left plenty of questions to be answered.

Whether you choose to house the piece as a central focal point in your living space or prefer to keep it in your office, you are sure to find this piece intriguing in its simplicity.

The wall art was painted by Larry Beiboer, a Dutch artist based in Las Vegas, who specializes in large, abstract work. With growing popularity, his work is displayed in homes and galleries around the world. Beiboer has also worked alongside interior decorators, giving him a deep understanding of what homeowners require for their wall spaces. He knows what it takes to produce a canvas capable of holding one’s attention without offsetting a room’s balance.

At 40 x 60 inches, “Shadows V” is a sizable portrait piece which Beiboer has produced using a mixture of acrylic and oil. The white background is complimented by a mixture of aqua green, sandy yellow and shades of gray. These colors have been applied in varying horizontal and vertical strokes and bordered by intermittent black at the bottom of the canvas. To add further intrigue, Beiboer has added several indentations and circular patterns.

If you are searching for a neutral yet compelling piece to fill a modern space, “Shadows V” is a work of art more than capable of your goal. Its clever use of visually friendly colors and absence of harsh brush strokes make this abstract piece a worthy investment.  

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