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Get Mod With Baxton Studio’s Whimsical Accent Chair

* An unusual, curvy shape adds interest to any room
* Eye-catching red & black geometric print
* Steel frame and polyurethane padding make for comfort and durability

Sometimes you just need one stand-out piece to elevate the look of a room, and Baxton Studio’s Forte Red & Black Patterned Fabric Accent Chair certainly proves that argument. With its unusual, curvaceous shape, this statement-making piece will add visual interest just about anywhere you place it.

Its unique frame, with the seat rounding into a perfect circle when viewed in profile, is forged from steel and stabilized with small, plastic no-mark feet. With no discernible legs and a circular base, the rounded shape is rather ergonomic, made even more comfortable with dense, polyurethane padding.

The dynamic silhouette of this accent chair gets paired with a graphic, bold red and black circle print, woven into a fabric that’s easy to maintain. The eye-catching upholstery will lend a mod touch to your decor, perfectly straddling the line between retro and contemporary.

Picture it as a stand-out piece in a living room, or a few grouped together in the basement of your at-home lounge. Its compact, armless shape even makes it a great perch for the bedroom, while the whimsical shape and fabric might land it in a kids room. The options are surprisingly endless when a piece of furniture inspires this much fun.

Whether you’re pairing the Forte Accent Chair with martinis or Mickey Mouse, it’s a contemporary touch that’s sure to up the style quotient in any space it graces.

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