A Heavy Duty Compass That Will Always Take You Home

Brunton Pocket Transit Conventional Compass
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* Composite magnets ensure this compass will always find magnetic north
* Virtually indestructible thanks to die-cast aluminum construction
* First patented back in 1894

A compass that was first patented back in 1894 might seem absurd today given the proliferation of smartphones and the built-in GPS that come with all of them. Truth be told, Brunton’s Pocket Transit Compass isn’t made for amateur adventurers – though it’ll certainly help you find your way home.

The professional-grade compass features Alnico II magnets, which are made from a combination of aluminum, nickel, cobalt and other metals, to ensure there’s no interference and that it will always find magnetic north. The compass’ die-cast aluminum construction also makes it virtually indestructible, unlike your smartphone. Other notable features include magnetic declination adjustments for east or west settings because the earth is round and not flat. It even allows for vertical adjustments.

The hallmark of a good compass is how it’s put together. This one features the highest-grade materials, including a V-cut sapphire jewel bearing for smooth movement and a precision aligned sighting mirror and sighting hole. It comes with a handsome leather carrying case for portability and storage.

But Brunton’s Pocket Transit Compass isn’t just for professionals who need to take accurate measurements out in the field.

Imagine you’ve decided to take a sabbatical and you’re gathering a list of all the essentials you might need on this upcoming adventure. Then you remember all those horror stories you’ve read about people getting lost in the woods despite having their smartphones. After all, no connection means no GPS.

Now imagine you’re lost in the woods, your smartphone has no connection, and you somehow forgot your sat phone at home. That compass doesn’t sound so silly now, does it? Just be sure you pack the user manual too.

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