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Grown Up Game Night: 7 Things To Get For Your Next Party

* Everything you need to elevate game night
* Keep guests entertained — and impressed
* Adults only — no kids play here

Winter hath arrived and depending on where in the country you are, you might be in for a prolonged deep freeze, so it’s best to stock up on a handful of essentials, like these luxe add-ons for your next game night.

Why? Because it’s cold and nobody really wants to leave the house. And Scrabble will only get you so far. Your next game night will be all the more inviting and fun with these 7 must-have game night upgrades.

1. James Scott Crystal Drinking Glasses Set

If your drink of choice requires a lowball glass, pour it into one of these four crystal beauties from James Scott. Leave the red Solo cups to the kids. Created from crystal, its unique design is hand-cut and deeply faceted for extra sparkle. Fits 8 oz. of your favorite drink.


2. Wild Eye Gold Cheese Knives

Still serving cheese with a blunt butter knife? There’s no shame in that, but it’s better that you upgrade to this set of Wild Eye Cheese Knives. The gold-plated finish adds an elegant touch to your Gouda.


3. The Voting Game

Do you have a friend that’s easily offended or incredibly uncomfortable in group situations? If you answered “yes” to either question, then The Voting Game is a must for your next get together. This one is definitely adults only. Think of this as a fun alternative to playing Cards Against Humanity for the hundredth time.


4. NIFTY5 Premium Gold Ice Cubes

You’ll need these gold-hued stainless steel rocks for those rocks glasses that are in your cart. You know, the ones that are at the top of this list.


5. Craft Cocktails

Don’t know how to fix a drink? Rather than watch a video online, grab Brian Van Flandern’s “Craft Cocktails” and dazzle your friends and even yourself. (Makes an impressive book to keep on your coffee table or kitchen counter, too).


6. Marble And Gold Tray

You’ve got the cheese and serving knives but what are you going to serve all that fancy cheese and fruit on? This marble and gold tray, of course.

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Image courtesy of World Market[/caption]


7. Asher 2-Tier Gold Rolling Bar Cart

Consider the bar cart a cornerstone piece in your living and entertaining area. Where else are you going to store those crystal glasses and the booze that goes into them? This is a necessary upgrade from serving snacks and drinks from your ping-pong table.

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Image courtesy of World Market[/caption]

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