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Gardening Season is Here: Use this AeroGarden Smart Countertop Garden to Grow Wherever You Live

* Gardening can be difficult for many people
* Countertop AeroGardens make poor weather and small spaces irrelevant
* Smart gardening technology is mess-free and effortless

Spring is almost here, which means that it’s time to exercise your green thumb and get to gardening. That being said, there are a lot of obstacles that might prevent you from creating the planter box of your dreams, from a lack of yard space at your home or an inability to keep even a succulent alive for more than a week. Thankfully, smart countertop gardens make gardening widely accessible.

A smart countertop garden is basically a small electronic planter box that is intended to make gardening foolproof and viable for year-round use. AeroGarden, the leading smart countertop garden brand, utilizes energy-efficient 20 Watt LED lights to replace sunlight to nourish the plants, which grow in mess-free water and plant food rather than soil. In addition to being energy and water efficient, this method of gardening also grows plants five times faster than traditional pots and soil, according to AeroGarden.

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The AeroGarden Classic 6 allows you to grow six plants (think herbs, salad greens, flowers or vegetables) at once. The garden’s easy set-up means that all you have to do is pop the included seed pods into the six slots and add water – reviewers say the entire set-up process takes mere minutes. This particular model even comes with Genovese basil, curly parsley, dill, mint, thyme and Thai basil included to get you started.

The easy-to-read control panel reminds you when you need to add water and plant food but the lights operate automatically, so your plants get proper attention all day without any thought on your part. Seeds take just a couple weeks to grow and the LED precision makes sure that each harvest is big and bountiful.

Novice and expert gardening customers alike love having fresh herbs and vegetables right on their kitchen counter to add flavors to meals or to make hearty salads. They also praise AeroGarden’s helpful customer service who have replaced seed pods that don’t sprout so customers are sure to get full value out of their garden. With support like that, even those who struggle the most with growing plants are bound to succeed.


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